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Замечание неизвестного читателя.

This page, sacred to the theme decline of weight, geared-up for compatriots, above-ground outside Russia and using the English-language keyboard. We ask sorry for translation.

If you want to read an original version in Russian language pass on reference.

We «feed well» - how many times I hear it from circulating for help on heavy business of decline of superfluous weight. And that does mean well? And in general does matter what we eat or it is possible to trust invocations from advertising in a subway, promising delivering from unnecessary kilograms «without a diet, preparations, to become thin safely and quickly»?

Answer for this question, certainly, in a great deal depends on you. People, to string capable effort wills in a knot steel crow-bar or even tie, certainly does not need study of laws of opened Lomonosovym. All of us sinful, will be lamenting and wailing from an irreparableness to agree with Mikhaylo by Ivanovich, which asserted that how many from one place of matter reduced, so much from other and added. Still does disbelieve in the transition of carbonhydratess from macaronis in fats on buttocks? Well lie down whether that in the bath filled to the edges and neighbours from below will convince you finally in the law of maintainance of matter.

It is not. We disbelieve by the scientist. Here if N'yuton in place of apple, that used that пожирнее, then can would leave off to the doctors to tell the same nonsense each time: they say, almost eat nothing, hurry whole days, and superfluous weight both was under one hundred kilograms and remained.

So. The most important secret and preparation for the decline of weight. I am needed less than you outlay energies. And no, but. From carbonhydratess and fats we get superfluous calories which can not process. And while an amount over of these calories we will not bring in accordance with possibilities of exchange of matters of steady result it will not be. Becoming thin is correct, to become thin safely, so - to put right the exchange of matters.

Other question, how to influence the disorderly organism, that he quietly went by rolls, sugar and other мучного.

In this question at practicing похудание there is approximately the same bacchanalia as in a pharmacy with стимуляторами of potency. That is named - all facilities are good if went out into an attack by surplus weight, and for-simple absolutely superfluous weight.

Most harmful from ideas - to pass fully to the albuminous diet. It only in the Edenic garden an apple was an especially harmful carbohydrate. In ordinary life the several of carbonhydratess and fats is however needed. Other business, that if you grumble about 10-15 superfluous kilograms, then the number of calories eaten now can be boldly decreased in a half. So ovenweight it only is a "superfluous" carbohydrate, but not complete waiver of them in general. And bland diet and simplest diet, which people search on boundless spaces of the internet it is reasonable combination of albumens just, fats and carbonhydratess after clearing of organism.

I specially did not sit down for writing of this chapter while did not make off an own fight with superfluous kilograms. Now can say confidently, that even in the most difficult situation (when weight is near to the norm, and a task to increase мышечную mass is yet and put parallell) a method will work. In fact to whip off пяток kilograms from hundred is business not sly. And you make attempt clean that пяток, when he dissociates from physiological weight. There a fight will go for each 100 grammes. Thus becoming thin is needed correctly, becoming thin is desirable safely for the dearest body.

In any case we will aim it is not simple to become thin on a few days, but to normalize the exchange of matters, that a result was saved long. And for this purpose use the clearing system.

By persons interested to be delivered from 10 kilograms for every month and asserting, that it is real safely, it is better to check up the scales or return on липосакцию. Such gallops for an organism can not pass for free. It is better to be oriented on 3-5 kilograms in a month, but not to lose at this health.

Tasks which stand before you on this marathon distance:

To reduce weight - how to become thin it is correct

To reduce a surplus appetite (when am a not stomach, but eyes, wants) are preparations for the decline of appetite

To normalize the exchange of matters, immunity, hormonal background - how to become thin safely

First stage of decline of weight. Clearing of intestine and fine-tuning of digestion is in an intestine. Will occupy 1 month.

On this stage 3-5 kilograms are lost. It depends on initial weight. What he was anymore, so much the better result. To reduce weight and not normalize the exchange of matters it is a fairy-tale, what bland diet, simple diet, effective preparation for the decline of weight was not used.

In an intestine nutritives must be mastered, but not warehoused. On this moment from achievements of your intestine it is possible to remember at the best, ability to «walk in a rest room» daily, and that not at all. We need to obtain ideal quality of digestion. Especially it behaves to quality of suction of overcoked matters and absence of дисбактериоза, vermin. Understanding is needed, that signal in a brain about a necessity to leave some sum of money in a grocery store goes when maintenance of nutritives falls in blood. But at most «requiring becoming» thin concentration useful in blood in any way does not combine with the volume of eaten. It is exemplary as washing of «gold sand» is in the small river of Klyaz'ma. Fuss is much, and output - zero. Here and we eat one's fill beyond measure.

Accordingly, it is needed to improve пристеночное digestion in an intestine and his ферментативную activity, that the eaten was processed high-quality and gave forces, but not went out into the sewage system. We will be, as well as our president to come forward for the deep processing. Only he is oils, and we - products.

There are many methods for clearing of intestine, but most effective - one. It is a complex Kolo-vada plus. While I saw nothing more comfortable in application and effective.

Not spreading an idea on a tree (as ten of components is included in a complex), will turn your attention on main. Kolo-vada a plus is accepted 14 days. To it better as early as flow of two weeks to drink the Coral calcium. Some people, suppose naively, that water is insisted on a coral calcium needed for addition to the oligoelementss which allegedly washed at clearing. It not so. Gives no global loss of neither vitamins, neither minerals nor useful bacteria of коло-вада. It is simply needed to remember that all matters (including - harmful) in blood and other liquids are in our cut-in state. And in an order to provide an exit in the road clearance of intestine from a wall all superfluous, and also to help in passing of thousands of biochemical reactions in an organism in the process of clearing it is needed to provide them raw material in a kind микро and macronutrients. By coral water we aim to give natural composition to blood. Clearly, why here coral water is better than other exactly. On the composition corals, growings at banks Japan, maximally copy correlation of oligoelementss in blood of healthy man.

I saw in a highly sensitive microscope as blood changes after the reception of only one glass of coral water. Mobility of bloody little bodies is increased and they stop to look as agglutinate. In other words fluidity of blood and its ability to feed and clear fabrics of different organs is outwardly increased even.

In addition to drink a 1,5 litre of liquid in the day of in general it is extremely necessary in the process of clearing. Imagine the washable of linen in water which is not changed. Doubtful picture. Not true?

In the period of reception the коло-вады producer of product recommends to add to it so-called mud «Gidrosel'». It is a mineral concentrate of нанокластеров (as a silox, sulfate of magnesium, carbonate of potassium), reducing the surface-tension of water due to freeing of the negatively charged hydrions. A mud гидросель does water of структуированной, more fluid, helps an intercellular liquid freer to circulate.

Program of коло-вада a plus plugs in itself packages with enzymes, противопаразитарными компонентами, herbares for the improvement of digestion, vitamins, lactobacilluss. They are accepted on a very simple chart. you take a package under a number and drink a few pills and capsules. In the middle of course on 3 days it will be necessary to limit itself in a meal and drink only juices and cocktails from powder of коло-вады. Then 4 days again pills and capsules.

People, not feelings an effect from the reception of коло-вады a plus I did not see. Besides the improvement of overcooking of food and harmonization of appetite, majority marks the decline of weight, improvement of the state of skin, general tone. For some women clearing of коло-вада plus it the first step to long-awaited pregnancy, as after clearing a menstrual function gets better and probability of pregnancy rises.

To the word, at presence of any endocrine problems and gynaecological diseases (especially mastopathy, миомы, эндометриоза) control after them is considerably facilitated at the periodic clearing of коло-вадой (2 times per a year).

Every muck from an intestine stops to poison a brain, interfere with normal work of immunity and as a result is an improvement of general health.

And from point of superfluous weight, коло-вада allows to provide a good basis for further efforts. As without clearing of intestine all attempts to normalize the exchange of matters will be unavailing.

Is it possible to treat without коло-вады? In theory yes. There are other natural facilities. However, comparing a price, efficiency, safety and adding simplicity and economy of time to it, however needed it is to experiment.

It is simply possible to say only, that not try to replace fine-tuning of working as of intestine the мониторной cleaning, шанк-пракшланой (reception of water with salt), by a reception purgative etc. by spectacle, but physiology not enough methods.

Thus, the primary stage of tuning of correct digestion in an intestine will occupy a month (14 days is coral water, 14 days of коло-вада + mud гидросель). For the same term as бонуса we will be delivered from vermin.

Obligatory conditions, to become thin quickly and correctly:

1. On the first stage renounce мучного (except for 1 time per a week), milk, sweetnesses, fat meat, desi.

2. In a фитнес-клубе choose the moderate mode of trainings: 3 times per a week aerobic loadings as an ellipse or path or bicycle for 20 minutes or one aerobic lesson. In the period of «hunger» on коло-ваде and subsequent 3-4 days get busy quite mildly.

If in a club, you on what that does not yet walk (although what can be reasons for a modern, successful, stylish man.) incomprehensible reason, then physical loading slowly however needed it is to enter. Does can in a pool resemble 2-3 times per a week? Or even пешочком 30-40 minutes daily. To hurry to the word, quite not necessarily.

Second stage of fight against superfluous weight. Tuning of lipometabolism

Present that the several of nutritives already acted from an intestine in blood. And in this responsible moment lazy and not cleared liver, the same unhurried, as a border guard, waiting intervals between shifts on a check-point and unhastily pulling your passport in spite of multikilometre turn, accepts an important decision: where to send all of it good.

And a liver thinks: «to hurry, jump and even quickly to think an owner seems did not plan. why then energy to his muscles? I will send ка I better than calorie about a supply - in fat».

How always is a liver able to accept a correct decision? And so it by замучана life, that not to the normal lipometabolism. Give God to understand with the bile of stagnant, by toxins every and by infections. But it is yet needed to regulate the exchange of hormones, haemoglobin, minerals to master many other functions, all by a number more than 30. Straight not liver, but vice-prime Russian, which simultaneously ten of ministries rescues Motherland and develops. What will take? A high-usage and unrefined liver wrongs often.

So. One time, adjusting of lipometabolism takes place at the level of liver, then without tuning of its work managing with superfluous weight is impossible.

Will use natural complex «Layver 48». It is tested. Operates. Accepting Layver 48, we not simply reduce weight, but yet and considerably strengthen the health. A liver is an universal filter. When a liver works correctly, then blood effectively purges the cages of all organism from internal and external poisons. So it is possible to say that it is preparation for the decline of weight, although parallell he yet and a liver will remedy you.

Another secret about which forget often: a liver works in a pair with a pancreas. Which produces insulin and глюкагон the same are hormones necessary for mastering of carbonhydratess. And exactly the normal structure of bile (produced to the thin captain) is very important for the prophylaxis of damage of pancreas. If a bile is «aggressive», then it can be pelted in the channels of pancreas and create the enhanceable loading on it.

A few herbares (goose-grass, nettle, immortelle) and connections of sulphur enter in the complement of «Layvera 48». And to mix up them «from a vegetable garden» and get the same result. But, does not turn out. Brandname composition has the technological secret saveable as a «age-old мегрельский recipe». Although some researchers add that technology to age-old east medicine yet from times of Avizenna. So it or not - will leave to the historians. It is important for us, that the monthly course of reception of «Layver 48» is able substantially to improve a lipometabolism in a liver and in an organism on the whole. The physical loadings and any жиросжигатели work better on a background it. Very pleasantly, that finally that begins to come to the norm appetite. He becomes less «wolfish» much.

We accept Layver 48 for to a 1 capsule 3 times per a day. Course 20 days

Obligatory conditions, to become thin quickly and correctly:

1. On the second stage continue to renounce мучного (except for 1 time per a week for setting on to fight of emotions), milk, sweetnesses, fat meat, desi, beer, fruit are possible only in the first half of day.

2. From swizzles can appear even useful 100 мл of dry white or red wine in a day.

3. In a фитнес-клубе choose the active mode of trainings: 3 times per a week aerobic loadings as an ellipse or path or bicycle for 30 minutes or one aerobic lesson. In days trainings, directly in a hall drink liquid L-карнитин in small bottles for 1500 mgs. To purchase him makes sense beforehand. For example, in our «Recipes of health» he costs about 60 roubles for a small bottle, and in the simplest club it already will be no less than 100 roubles for a that dose. Karnitin is very important for the decline of weight, as the this amino acid «tightens» липиды (fats) in the power center of мышечной cage - митохондрии. There they burn and give energy. When we drink карнитин without the physical loading, then provide easy support to the cardiac muscle only. Finally, at the reception of карнитина on a background an unrefined liver a situation is fully credible, that after training fatty fabric will begin to grow with the doubled force. The first stage is so important therefore.

4. As small lyric retreat, will explain why people of измождающие itself on a racecourse on a hour not always get the sought after figure. An error is frequent. And all sufficiently simple and logically. What anymore you get tired physically, the anymore an organism worries about your future. At the least possibility he begins to stock calories about a supply. Then takes place and at long starvation. 1 day - useful. A few days - scarcely will result in the steady decline of weight. Moderate loadings - useful. Izmozhdat' itself by it is hours possible only from the religious considering. It scarcely will influence by weight.

5. We feed on small portions - for 5-6 one time per a day. After 18.00 does not eat carbohydrate food in general. After training carbonhydratess and fats are contra-indicated during a 2th clock. In the morning necessarily avenaceous or rice porridge or мюсли. To get basic portion of carbonhydratess exactly it is extremely important in the morning, as exactly «coffee with an open sandwich, because am from a morning it is not desirable» it and am one of main reasons of superfluous weight. Exchange processes as follow not started. And then on the insulin awakened by an open «sandwich» a brunch and dinner lies down a beneficial rain. And meantime the supplies of insulin already dried up and to process your meal already there is nothing. So necessarily breakfast.

6. In the first two weeks of reception of «Layver 48» continue to drink coral water. Then we pass simply to the cleared water in an amount no less than a 1 litre in a day in addition to kefir, juice, wine, expect, coffee etc. to drinks ignoring a meal.

Frequent question - how to clean water. Not fact, that the dearest filter will be the best. To satiate water without a measure by silver or to do sterile and distilled vice versa not usefully. There are in network companies the same advanced filters, as vacuum cleaners for 3000 euros, «deleting a dust from under parquet to the ground floor inclusive». However, I will take the liberty to advise to be limited to the filter on a track membrane. Essence consists of plate in which a laser is scorch the сверхмалые openings (tracks) the only one molecule of water is able in which to pass. Other line up after it in a chainlet and so the structured water turns out similar melted or spring. It сверхтекуча and regulates the informative structure of man. Using is very simple. Cost of question on a year hardly more than 1000 roubles.

Here, perhaps, and all with the second stage. We wait from him a loss 2-5 kilograms.

Third stage of fight against an ovenweight. Continuation of decline of weight

If an appetite however came to the reasonable scopes and am it is desirable constantly, then sharper than all a question gets up about an evening meal. It is here useful to reminisce product which is named «Nine. Active fibres». Always pleasantly, that someone works, while you rest. Exactly such is a slogan of these most active fibres. In composition is инулин (vegetable relative of insulin, fibre of beet, chicory, пассифлоры and brans). Nine is very delicious with kefir or other soul-milk product. And it is of genius combination to put to death hunger before sleep and not to add from this not a gramme, but in concert to help digestion and ward off дисбактериоза.

We accept «Nine. Active fibres» for 2 ñò.ëîæêè on glass of kefir before sleep. Regularly

In the day-time to help to be delivered from pathological dependence on carbonhydratess hope Gartsiniya комбинешн will help. In the complement of this natural preparation enters and гарциния, which reduces traction to the carbonhydratess and gives a large resiliency and beauty to the muscles (trained), and also protects from diabetes and already карнитин which we drank for incineration of superfluous fats known to us. In гарцинии there is гидроксилимонная acid and it represses an appetite, slows converting of carbonhydratess into fats, promotes power potential of organism, instrumental in the decline of level of cholesterol in blood, reduces obesity of liver. And a chrome meantime participates in work of hormones поджелудочной, directly in a carbohydrate exchange. Another component - звезчатка - destroys a superfluous liquid and links free fats. As you remember reducing an ovenweight is possible decreasing pathological love to the refrigerator.

We accept Gartsiniyu комбинейшн for to a 1 capsule 3 times per a day 30 minutes prior to a meal. A course is 1 month

Other preparation for the decline of weight, which diminishes in the day-time traction to the meal it Astrolin is high molecular cleared инулин, being the vegetable relative of insulin and helps a pancreas and cages to slit carbonhydratess with formation of energy. There is enough energy for мышечной work and cage does not signal in a brain about a necessity to bite, and and an appetite is not present. On Astroline many lose weight on the desired five kilograms in a month.

We accept Astrolin for 1\2 sprinkle of snow 2 times per a day. Course 1-2 months

1.We do not forget to renounce мучного (except for 1 time per a week for setting on to fight of emotions), milk, sweetnesses, fat meat, desi, beer, fruit are possible only in the first half of day. More faithful it would be to say that we must vice versa already fast to forget about мучном and sweet. As support for a brain there is only honey and fruit. It does not mean only, that it is possible to feed on one fruit. From orange juice it is possible to grow stout no less what from meat dumplings.

2. The regular physical loadings proceed for 20-30 minutes in кардиозале. It seems that you already so got used to be in a фитнес-клубе, that now and to persuade that itself it is not needed. Karnitin everything similarly use during training. We do not forget about prohibition there are carbonhydratess and fats 2 hours after loading.

3. Habit is saved for the term of life am a bit, but often, to drink a 1,5 litre of liquid in a day.

Each month conducted in such mode at support of natural preparations will take away 3-4 kilograms from fatty fabric.

If braking will come at some instant, it is needed honestly to confess to itself, how fully all rules are executed.

Op! Here and I while wrote this chapter by the pleasant Sunday day somehow unnoticed offered hand to delightful curd сочню, and then yet to one. But I am sure that atonement tomorrow on scales will not be. As a few months of clearing and attention to the diet resulted in stability and brief derangements as «fivestar rest» or birthday already will not result in returning of kilograms. The exchange of matters began to work as a clock. I am sure, what will turn out for you. And if you test difficulty with the decline of weight however, then certainly come on individual consultation. We are a day after a day, a minute after a minute prepare your way of life, in detail will consider all problems with a health and will find however in the bowels of the earth of your organism «gold key» from the problem of superfluous weight.

Diabetes and superfluous weight

Diabetes and decline of weight it is an absolutely separate theme. At violation of sensitiveness of cages to insulin or lack of insulin the two-bit of carbonhydratess can not fission even, from here superfluous weight. But for diabetics two extremes are characteristic: or ovenweight in most cases, or pathological leanness at the use of injections of insulin. Clearing of organism and simple diet is needed and at diabetes. But main preparation for the decline of weight is become by Astrolin. He regulates a carbohydrate exchange on the whole and reduces the level of sugar in blood. More detailed about Astroline it is possible to read "Saccharine diabetes in a chapter. Really to the delicious meal end?"

Useful collections of science fiction on a theme: how to become thin quickly, how to become thin it is simple, how quickly to become thin, how to become thin easily read here (561 book)

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"Health 5 stars"
An author of book is the known specialist for naturatherapy Vladimir of Sokolinskiy. Author of only nine books, many of which are reprinted.
More than 15 years of practical experience.
Advises daily, picks up the unique individual programs of making healthy.
Regular visitors of his Center are the known artists, politicians, officials, businessmen, habitants of Petersburg and different cities of Russia, near and distant foreignness."Very comfortable practical book.
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