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Автор книги - известный специалист по натуротерапии Владимир Соколинский. Автор всего девяти книг, многие из которых переизданы.
Более 15 лет практического опыта.
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Постоянные посетители его Центра - известные артисты, политики, чиновники, бизнесмены, жители Петербурга и разных городов России, ближнего и дальнего зарубежья.

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Saccharine diabetes. How to reduce sugar. Preparations for the decline of sugar of class of lux

This page, sacred to the theme decline of weight, geared-up for compatriots, above-ground outside Russia and using the English-language keyboard. We ask sorry for translation.

If you want to read an original version in Russian language pass on reference.

To go near a problem "how to reduce sugar" it is needed philosophically. Saccharine diabetes it is given from nature. To contest with nature we do not can, it is better to adapt. It as motor-car corks are in town, pits on roads, laziness to go to work on Mondays. But following this analogy, who mixes to purchase a jeep or yet better helicopter and adapt...

At once it should be said, that diabetes to diabetes рознь. The first type (when a pancreas produces little insulin) is added only to the daily injections of this insulin. Majority hears about a presence illnesses as early as childhood and it shows up enough spitefully.

At the second type of insulin as though normal amount, but cages renounce to be sensible to him. From here carbonhydratess which we eat badly fission and appear toxic for an organism connections. It is talked exactly about diabetes of the second type, that he can be warned if am a little less sweet. Actually predisposition to diabetes indeed anymore for people with an ovenweight and lovers of sweetnesses, but by one waiver of superfluous spoon of sugar illness will not warn.

Before the beginning of narration about that, how by the best appearance to warn development of saccharine diabetes, it is important yet to know what this threatens to attack. Lately doctors so generously distribute a diagnosis «pre-diabetes», that many people have dangerous presentation, that enhanceable sugar it is a how hardly not variant of the age-related norm.

So about unpleasant. At stably enhanceable sugar a risk to become blind from the damage of vessels of retina of eyes, deprived feet from a gangrene rises «in times», to get hold a trophic ulcer, if there is a phlebeurysm. Not to mention about the risk of early heart attack and stroke and banal absence of forces for diabetics.

And from where, say to undertake to enthusiasm, if energy glucose which must fission insulin gives an organism, and they not going to enter with each other into a desirable chemical reaction?

Gives some slackness subject to diabetes circumstance that at the second type all takes place enough slowly. It people, pricking insulin, know that hardly «затошнило» it needs to sugar to add, and if глюкометр shows the increase of sugar, then to pin up insulin. Satisfying them of anything is not needed, as slightly weakened - and on you to whom. At saccharine diabetes of the second type (I will remind, without insulin) a doctor appointed for the term of life to drink pills, adhere to the diet and thereon you parted with him.

Illness makes progress meantime. The next serious meeting happened over the years, when vascular complications appeared already. For their treatment there are quite good chemical preparations which slightly diminish probability to remain an invalid. By the way, they stand so much, that it is desirable to consent to lose memory from making progress on a background diabetes of atherosclerosis of cerebral arteries.

Amusing of situation is in that free of charge facilities from complications give deadheads only then when these complications flower a magnificent color, and to help already hardness.

The readers of this book scarcely dream about the desired group of disability, to get a pension more, therefore I bargain to cause interest of reader other - by subsequent business proposals how to stop progress of disease.

At first, let us do away at once with the theme of diet. This is important. Without a reasonable feed yet nobody succeeded to pull through from mushroom growth of illness (what threatens, read higher).

It is impossible to eat sweet, мучное (so-called rapid carbonhydratess). It is possible limitedly products on fructose and actually fruit. It is constrained with that fructose fissions in an organism without participation of insulin. But at an overdose, you doom itself by superfluous weight which grows as on yeasts. It is possible to eat brown bread, buckwheat cachou, mildly - rice and avenaceous, never - manna. In place of sugar - mildly honey.

Only it is not needed gladly to pass to the in the latest style albuminous diet and in general to renounce carbonhydratess. They are needed for creation of energy. Other business, that will be honest, before you them overeated simply godlessly, here organism and did not manage, straining you diabetes. Will think again perhaps.

To the word, liked or not, but am now will be regularly. Approximately 6 one time per a day по-немногу. It turns out on the average, that between eatings it will be 2-3 hours. It is needed that the consumed carbonhydratess acted not in a volley, but evenly, that notedly promotes chances on their mastering. Moreover, for good boys and girls, observing a diet, a sensitiveness can even get better to insulin.

Are chemical antidiabetic preparations safe?

We will put a question othergates: they are practically inevitable. We are forced to bear with that antidiabetic chemistry, accepted by years and every day, does for a liver, stomach and blood. One diet with limitation of carbonhydratess is enough only in the most initial stage of disease. However, to regulate the amount of the swallowed chemistry really. The function of decline of sugar can be trusted to natural facilities. Certainly, it belongs to инсулиннезависимому to saccharine diabetes.

How to reduce sugar. Preparations for the decline of sugar

My love as a specialist on natural preparations already a long ago given to two facilities by allowing to reduce sugar. First - астролин, and second ortho-taurine.

Are there other? It would be a lie to say that no. Thus am idea and whortleberry sheet to have a drink, and there are very expensive preparations.

But on status of sweet one they do not heave up, as passion can be and will excite, and on deep sense of tenderness and respect carried through the years of joint life not capable.

Each of rare natural preparations about which I tell interesting on it, that allows to be friends with by them jointly, with strengthening of сахаронижающего effect.

Astrolin it high molecular cleared инулин. He differs from simple топинамбура so, as far as oil is different from bonus petrol. Approximately 50 kilograms of the prepared product turn out from the ton of raw material. Technology of receipt of Astrolina, as usual, is protected by the patent of Russian Federation. Moreover for our center «Recipes of health» астролин is produced in the special packing (in valid for one occasion packages) which is protected by a hologram with an individual number for every packing.

On the biochemical affecting organism инулин looks like own insulin, only phytogenous. I.e. he similarly helps to slit carbonhydratess with formation of energy. Thus to инулину of cage belong more favourably, therefore he arrives at the result, both at the first and at second type of diabetes. It is a posteriori possible to count on a 30-40% decline of level of sugar in blood and to 60% in urine. Course of reception no less than a month. It is better to have a drink two months in succession, to rejoice to the decline of sugar and take break, after to accept on a chart «month-through a month». Greatest error which can be assumed it to get an effect from «Astrolina» and thereon calm down and reminisce him only when the vibrations of sugar appeared again. Not all people look like «natural глюкометр» and feel the least vibrations. And indexes mean near «, that periodically is and higher, and secret changes in vessels go however. Therefore if does not want vascular complications, then drink астролин regularly, even when all be well. His feature consists in that below than norm sugar at a 2-m type of saccharine diabetes will never fall down. At a 1-m type it is needed to measure the level of sugar and consult by endocrinology about the decline of dose of insulin.

For five-year passing moment of the first acquaintance with this preparation I have quite a bit supervisions, when hyperresponsible people, accepting Astrolin for 6 months in succession in general laboured for normalization of indexes - in fact recoveries of diabetes. Although it is possible only at a 2-m type. At the short use of insulin it is possible to make attempt give illnesses more guided character and to go back to pills.

To accept Astrolin now simpler what to clean teeth. a 1 package needs to be dissolved in the half of glass of water, juice, kefir or any other cold (unalcoholic) drink and to have a drink only 1 one time per a day. It is possible simply to swallow powder and then wash down. An of principle value it does not have. Course, will remind, no less than a month in succession

Second preparation of super-level the ortho-taurine of эрго we use parallell with Astrolinom, when good sense prompts, that a health is started capitally. At the indexes of sugar more than «10» time acquires weight of gold. Because sugar is not stabilized while, the микроповреждение of vessels goes every minute. And the general state at such numbers far from cheerful. Ortho-taurine, to the word, besides saccharine diabetes very useful at high blood pressure, delays of liquid in an organism (propensities to the edemata), insomnia and enhanceable crabbiness. In these cases he needs to be added to Astrolinu and at relatively happy flow of diabetes.

In the complement of preparation the amino acid enters taurine, regulative an electric charge on a cellular shell, managing the process of entrance-output in a cage and back water, minerals and glucose. Other important component is succinic acid, helping to recover energy of organism at cellular level. There are a few vitamins and oligoelementss in an ortho-taurine, but they carry auxiliary character.

Accepting a taurine is needed on a month for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day. Then take break and will repeat a course.

A hand already almost stretched to the keyboard to tell about that, how to get along at vascular complications of diabetes, but stopped: it is a theme of the personal consultation all the same. I hope if you will call at a center «Recipes of health» to set some questions on the correct reception of Astrolina and ortho-taurine, then will do it before what complications will come. To reduce sugar not so difficultly, if to use for this purpose preparations of class of lux and not to wait the whistle of cancroid animal, being on the top of large sublimity.

Electronic book
"Health 5 stars"
An author of book is the known specialist for naturatherapy Vladimir of Sokolinskiy. Author of only nine books, many of which are reprinted.
More than 15 years of practical experience.
Advises daily, picks up the unique individual programs of making healthy.
Regular visitors of his Center are the known artists, politicians, officials, businessmen, habitants of Petersburg and different cities of Russia, near and distant foreignness."Very comfortable practical book.
Written ironically, but "in business"
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