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Chronic fatigue, stress at work. Trudogoliki is curable

This page, sacred to the theme decline of weight, geared-up for compatriots, above-ground outside Russia and using the English-language keyboard. We ask sorry for translation.

If you want to read an original version in Russian language pass on reference.


Advice for a survival 1.

With a burst performance and it is safe-health possible to work only observing the chart of vacations. Ideal variant from the medical and economic point of view - 4 weeks up-diffused on a year.

We will present that in this minute I sit on the balcony of the number in a fivestar hotel in Egypt and write, although it is terribly desirable to adjoin in a bed unlikely largeness and to enjoy healthy sleep by the warm February day. And somewhere at back of subconsciousness there are ideas about a trainer hall, Egyptian fruit, and can be even and sex. Why is not it? To according to, all knowing scientists, during the life we do not that want presently during the 80% precious time. Another problem - we rarely exactly know that want. If certainly not to take the cases of terrible necessity to go down in a rest room, fall asleep or say everything in a calculation, that think. Even about a meal not always think sincerely. What anymore in the will to destroy chips: hunger or money inlaid by a producer in advertising and packing. Well certainly, if in actual fact all fir-trees only testing the real hunger, then from where so much visitors would be at sites about the different ways of becoming thin.

Exactly active, engrossing doing that it is not desirable presently and generates a fatigue from active work. Yes, I set to assert after нейрофизиологами, that in itself work for 12 clock in days exhausts not so, as its maintenance. Do you disbelieve? Then will remember what emotions you tested for the last time after employment in a trainer hall or after the long swimming at-sea or after playing football, volley-ball, tennis. Well I am sorry if I did not guess from what exactly physical loading got a drive exactly you for the last time. If a fag very tired, on what money then there were owners of fitness-clubs, tennis courts and ò.ï?

Not loading, but feeling of slave labour tires in reality. With this idea will go back to the first example. The point is that now I indeed left to Egypt and actually write a book on the balcony of hotel. And consider it productive work, as straight feel what energy inlay in every word. I call you to follow to this example and for-possibility to learn to combine work with switching of attention. Any manager quick will give out on mountain creative result, if him will not constantly distract to the little for-things. Work is exactly so much, how many you afford to do. It is at a desire possible to occupy itself on complete days, only a result will be become by a gastric ulcer, head pains and impotence, but not development of business.

So council of fight against a chronic fatigue 1.

With a burst performance and it is safe-health possible to work only observing the chart of vacations. Ideal variant from the medical and economic point of view - 4 weeks up-diffused on a year. For example, New Year or Christmas you meet somewhere not far from a house or in Europe. A climate must be for this period relatively similar with Your. Then in February, somewhere after Chinese New Year (on February, 17) while in Russia depression, falling of power level and accordingly highest risk to break away in illness, ride where more потеплее. Here as far as finances will allow. At the end of April - for a week again to rest. I on feelings prefer Europe as in April there almost summer, while for us yet nature comes back to life only. Osen'yu is a finishing chord. We ride southward.

How to do, that acclimatization was useful exercise for immunity, but not by shock, you please read in the special chapter. And I wait will not wait till a question: «And why is resting impossible?»

I told just, how to do, by rest to be not ill. For this purpose it is needed to put to the organism a crutch in those, moments, when he can stumble, and it is a not at all summer. When on a court summer. Rarely who wants to treat oneself. Nature and helps: a sun, air, energy. And in February, in the middle of spring make attempt much work and save life. In August-September we ride southward for the complete charging of internal accumulators. On them, saturated to energy of a sun, fruit, exterminating, mountains etc. we will drag as far as to February.

Only four weeks in a year for creative meditations about that, how to work farther. If your chief considers that it much, then he is simply dull and his pore to change. Possibly his method of relaxation, it is glass of whisky before sleep, but then pass at once to the chapters about that, how to treat alcoholism and impotence. And trust that during the aimless lying on a beach deck-chair, runs on a racecourse in a trainer hall and even during airflight, a head just and is able to generate strategically necessary business-ideas. And a notebook can be connected to the e-mail or corporate site in any decent hotel and though in a videoconference to participate.

Council of fight against a chronic fatigue 2. Proportionally at work use preparations, making better the exchange of matters stress.

Any work requires a sufficient signup. In the real life it looks so. Vitamin P. For example, without which many processes can not go in an organism, expended daily, even when next to you simply smoked. A lecithin, included in the shells of nervous cages, also leaves gradually from your organism. A calcium is washed with every cup of coffee. Supplies of Acetylcholinum without which signals can not be passed on nervous cages also unendless. Finally, such simple things as squirrel, fats and carbonhydratess, must enter organism practically on a clock. In ordinary life, an organism gets used with that you him regularly not докармливаете and moves anyhow like a good machine, tucked in by the left petrol. But stands to go on binge, do some work at night or to drive mother-in-law on a summer residence, as a «device of беспреребойного feed» cuts down from catastrophically low tension in a network. A misfortune is in that, that it is never impossible to know beforehand, which one your act will turn around «out». Generally known, that accepting vitamins is wrong on a separateness, as one of them can diminish an action other. Therefore the use of vitamins only in composition complexes it is an axiom. Remained to be determined which one complexes are optimum. On the folded tradition I will not begin to recommend that you see every day in телерекламе and that appoints district internist. Think, you guess why. I will advise that accept here already fifteen years better. True, will be honest, till recently accepted irregularly. Now reformed and drink Vitabalans 2000 are the American especially natural vitamins of good level, on a chart week-through a week. It from one side, насышает organism sufficiently, and with other shuts out overdoses. It befits for a spring and the winter, and also beginning of summer. In autumn and summer it is possible to be limited to the reception of vitamins on a chart «month-through a month». Naturally, if presently for you handing over of responsible project or problem of house, then about every seasonality forget and accept the increased dose of Vitabalansa 2000 every day. As an example, again will bring a momentary situation over. Before a journey to Egypt and in the first 3 days I accepted for 2 pills in a day, as for an organism the sharp changing of climate is stress and he needs to help, and then local fruit and green-stuffs together with a sun do the business and it is possible to be limited to one pill, but however to give up to drink vitamins. In short, for simplicity, it is needed to memorize simple advice: there is not the special loading, accept a vitamin complex coming from a season (ñì.âûøå), and if the strong emotional or physical loading is drinking vitamins is needed in a double dose on this short period, while you in stress.

Council of fight against a chronic fatigue 3. Accept the special natural matters, rescuing an organism at the emotional and physical loadings.

Actively to work and not overload the nerves, and also vessels it is practically impossible. If your grand-dad a not robot is a terminator, it scarcely will be succeeded to you. Even growing in jungles Tarzana, possessing the wonderful exchange of matters, fed from little up by vitamins, used to the permanent fight and not having here even hint on the masculine or womanish complexes of inferiority, start in a modern office and we already in a month will get through sick, and even dead patient, finishing the life in insane asylum. Syndrome of manager it is a not device of western psychologists. Together with habit to drink whisky and in Kurshavele in Russia came to rest and it is a disease. It only напополам neurosis, the second half touches a body the most direct appearance. Chronic fatigue, stress at work influence on fully certain biochemical reactions in an organism and in same queue generate a yet greater fatigue at work. Such reserved circle.

It is considered that every second worker suffers in the west the «syndrome of manager». Reason of disease is a set lunch from a hypodynamia, chronic fatigue and stress at work.

For example, being at a table, at a forerake on 20-30 degrees, the small of back tests pressure to semiton and gets damages, comparable with those, which are characteristic for a longshoreman, regularly off-loading carriages. As a result of problems with a spine and carriage is the broken feed and кровоснабжение of internalss. Well and where a normal feed is not, there can not be normal work.

The allergic association of Great Britain asserts that every fourth office worker suffers disorders of breathing, skin itch and head pain from excessive distribution in the offices of conditioners, ксероксов and computers. The scientists of the Arizonan university report that, as workmounts, keyboards of computers and receivers, become the real nurseries of bacteria, and the viruses of flu and ORZ and flu, gettings on them, can save activity during three days, then all workers of offices are especially subject to the infectious diseases. The most widespread complications of syndrome of manager are insomnia, alcoholism, head pains, pains in a spine and joints, hypertensive illness, early heart attacks and strokes, ulcerous illness of stomach and 12-персной bowel, heterospecific ulcerous colitis, allergy including bronchial asthma. Clear business, that if these illnesses visited you already, then even moving from an office in the field and growing a cabbage, like one of the known Roman emperors, from them you at once will not be delivered. But to give up everything and not necessarily. It is enough to take advantage of this advice and regularly to accept natural matters, resisting to stress. And all will be chocolate. Competitors not knowing this secret will drink on black, but you will do them on all parameters, due to unexpectedly for all to the opened clarity of mind and capacity.

For the clarity of mind natural preparations, cooperant to the improvement of feed of nervous cages, are responsible. For example, it to goth of stake is a grass of memory and leaves of tree of гинкго of билоба. Diversifying them is possible periodically, improving conductivity of nervous impulses by DMAE - source of Acetylcholinum. This idea is similar to the increase of main memory in a computer. Seems, a processor remains to those, and due to more rapid transmission of basic signals on the whole all works quick. Preparation, containing DMAE is named rejuvenating мезококтейль, and if you do not have diabetes, then it is possible to use the «турбированную» model of мезококтейля. He differs the presence of sugar, but for that there is yet and гинкго of билоба and goth of stake besides DMAE in this version. Effect as strengthening of speed of thought, absence irritation from the creak of computer mouse, capacity during all working day, but not to dinner etc. in a week reception. Nevertheless course - no less than a month.

And notice, unlike Zhen'-shenya, лимонника and other стимуляторов, not to mention about coffee, from these preparations the syndrome of spy will not develop. At their application, you will be able to use the body and after the especially important job processing. That alas not guaranteed after марш-броска on стимуляторах. To the word, forgot to offend a few products forbidden for loving itself people. Not drink please regularly various drinks in jars, promising tone. They, as a rule, contain the horse dose of guarana or caffeine, and more frequent and that other. It is thermonuclear combination of замазано slightly by an ortho-taurine, that eyes on a forehead got out not so. However more useful drinks become scarcely from it. So to become a zombi we do not hurry and that is why time to name next useful (without quotation marks) products, helping to overcome an overstrain.

The coferment of Q10 can add a feed to the tired organism. This matter improves power processes in cages and does not give to them to perish. Especially it is important for nervous cages, cardiac muscle and if you feel like ulcerous processes. Deserving preparation, containing 45 mgs of coferment Ay-k'yu 10. is named

Feeling of rapid effect from a coferment, as it is at the use of DMAE, does not promise goth of cola or гинкго of билоба, but if you suppose for itself the presence of risk of myocardial ischemia, if even once transient violations of cerebral circulation of blood happened or there is a gastric ulcer, then коэнзим of Q10 to have a drink however useful it is. Chart of reception 2 months every floor-years or urgently at super-high activity.

Another системообразующий preparation it глутамин. On the structure глутамин it is amino acid. Comfortably, that in an organism it is built into the far of biochemical processes, therefore simultaneously provides the leadingout of toxins from cages, instrumental in the normal feed of мышечной fabric, creates balance between excitation and braking in the nervous system, and in concert diminishes alcoholic, saccharine and caffeine dependence. I recommend глутамин at the intensive loadings and in instance where it seems that forces are not present in general. At this preparation anymore slope in the physical loadings and dependences, and also extreme overstrain.

At the expressed intellectual loadings it is better to apply one of the already mentioned preparations: to goth of stake, гинкго of билоба and DMAE in a complex with a lecithin.

A lecithin helps smoothly and to the managers if necessary to teach a language, meet with the large volume of information, at changing of position or even to the profession and schoolboys and students at preparation to examinations and even your grandmother, to the loser memory. As a lecithin operates at once under three directions. At first, he is to the important constituent of миелиновой shell of nerves, secondly, he is a source of Acetylcholinum of transmitter nervous impulse, in the third - he helps to wash the wall of vessels from a cholesterol. As result is the best mastering of information, strengthening of memory and concentration of attention already in three weeks of reception. Course here - no less than a month.

Council of fight against a chronic fatigue 4. Delivered from insomnia

A not having a good sleep worker is a loss to the firm. Certainly, if you listened to previous advices, then certainly already засыпаете easier and wake up more resting. But I write for the compatriots - Russian people, feel like reading through a line and on principle not executing all recommendations. Therefore if you however spit on the various improvement of transmission of nervous impulses and ignored the ideas of improvement of circulation of blood of the lucid mind despite logic, then even use facilities, helping you to have a good sleep. And it, certainly not chemical somnolent. I met, certainly and very well-to-do people on complete серьезе practicing «healthy sleep» after a cocktail from Corvalolum and Dimedrolum, but it from an area circus numbers which I am not strong in. Prosypanie in such cases is not guaranteed. On my, better hardly longer, but safely. To such methods the reception of grass natural facilities behaves normalize the state of the nervous system. However surprisingly, such is domestic, quite inexpensive «Neyrostabil». If you did not yet have time to sit down on somnolent, then he you will help to sleep humanly already in a week. And a result of monthly course is quiet and high-quality sleep yet on a month. So move, while normal sleep will not become a norm.

At abuse somnolent (more frequent what 1 time per 3 days), it will be necessary to spend on adding to «Neyrostabilu» of another preparation - the «Biofield». I intentionally left him in the end, as it is my darling natural preparation at chronic stress.

It is «pills of happiness» or «drop of happiness», depending on what form of issue you will choose. Unlike most facilities, transferred in this chapter, the Biofield starts acting already in 5-10 minutes after a reception. That is why I urgently recommend to use better than drop - liquid preparation can be buried in a nose an and then operating matter will get straight in blood and to your tormented nerves almost instantly. A pill will have рассасывать in to the mouth. Then not bad, but on it inevitably the enzymes of saliva and part of effect will act can get lost.

The amount of preparation in packing and his price influences on an idea about the brevity of course of reception. Indeed to drink the Biofield by months unreasonably. Although. all question is in money. I have a few successful examples, when making attempt the Biofield as a mean of first-aid at stress, people decided попринимать of his week three in succession. The state of their nervous system changed to the unrecognizability.

Council of fight against a chronic fatigue 5. Take off stress and chronic fatigue from a body

Every unpleasant talk, every not to get enough sleep, every offense, every stress at work, is put aside in our body. They remain in мышечном tension, spasm of vessels. Not forget to give to pamper the body. To define that exactly for you is an antistress measure it is possible an experimental way. For me, for example it swimming or employment in a trainer hall, for other a game helps to contest with stress through a body: in tennis, football, volley-ball etc. Women perceive various water procedures anymore, sauna, пилинг. A massage is an universal mean for men and women. And yet more assured effect gives sex. But here is a secret of success. From the medical point of view certainly. If you want through sex to decide the problem of stress, then necessarily that both men enjoyed. Rapid sex with a threat, that children will come or on a background the awareness of necessity quickly to hurry on work, to treating for stress not helper.

Council of fight against a chronic fatigue 6. It is the last and most exotic advice, helping to manage with chronic stress and win over a chronic fatigue.

Once these ideas were instiled to me by a wife, getting busy фэн-шуй. Or I to it them did instil? And what difference. Mainly, that it helps. Talk - about influence on you of environment. Say, given you to temptation «for the greatest sex», to design a bedroom in red tones. Stress and chronic усталость- is assured. Love the engaged in such terms is pleasant, but restored during sleep a red color will not allow you. Then it is possible to say and about the bathroom of noble black. But colors of dwelling it beginning of theme only. Matter and ceiling form and location of bed and mass of other moments, taken into account by the wise Chinese, thinking of already forgot when, science of фэн-шуй. I will not further fool a head to you, especially as unlike a wife, little understand herein. I simply obey. On complete серьезе as that slept in a cabinet, in place of bedroom, as in a that period it was so better from point of фэн-шуй. And helped. A chronic fatigue after sleep went away and with a capacity all became again normal. It is talked, serious specialists on фэн-шуй and their clients in extrahazardous moments even abandon a house, moving for a time in a suitable hotel. It is eventual not always applicably for our life. Although a whole city Hong Kong is built in accordance with these principles and nothing - turns out to live. Essence of advice - if in spite of all your efforts stress does not leave, will look around more attentive. Not eliminated, that in your apartment not no harm done and something steals forces constantly. More detailed about the most important moments which can influence on you, it is possible to read on our site of www.pobedi2.ru in a section devoted фэн-шуй.

It is useful to honour on a theme: stress at work, fatigue at work, chronic fatigue

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