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Weak - bad erection. As prostatit and adenoma mix potencies

This page, sacred to the theme decline of weight, geared-up for compatriots, above-ground outside Russia and using the English-language keyboard. We ask sorry for translation.

If you want to read an original version in Russian language pass on reference.


Did a desire disappear? Pay taxes and sleep quietly! One apparently, as on a hungry stomach about sex it seems little. Partly it about Americans. For us that who all taxes does pay so to remain beggars? But if вычленить from a word taxes root of «нал», then we will find one of main reasons of decline of sexual force. Money, and more precisely their amount - here primary sexual sign for most cases of decline of potency. It for the sake of them a man works as hard labour, exactly about them he worries, it by them it is reproached his pore (thus much or little дензнаков for reproaches matters not necessarily). We cover the uncertainty, child's complexes money, a variety depends on them. It would seem, beautiful clothes, relative freedom, good feed, a deserving interior must dispose to good sex. However much the few succeeds to take advantage of advantages of happy life, not taking stresses and disappointments from it.

In this chapter I will endeavour to do it is pleasant to you, walking on all secrets how «обхитрить» life and help the organism to engage in sex, because it is desirable, but not as можется. And I not about psychology. It, certainly, plays an enormous role, but prostatit, adenoma, atherosclerosis it is its adult children which exist fully independently.

Where the decline of potency is hidden

In a head. It is here possible only to remember anecdotes about that the best mean from impotence is a new woman. And nevertheless in the arsenal of our center there are natural preparations, strengthening a desire, we will say so in general. That you will forget that was lived with a man 20 years and know every birth-mark on its tel. Thus far not all depends on external information of friend. We know perfectly, that stars of Hollywood in spite of everything the фитнесы and model information go for a walk yet as. Habit is frightful business. From a masculine side against habit natural facilities, agitating blood, will be striven. Unique, that is required from it - to be not размазней and not to extinguish the flaming up fire of masculine desire the languor or vice versa by dissatisfaction and faultfindings. If problem mainly in a head, then passed to the section «That to do». Prognosis on a result from the moment of beginning of reception of natural preparations - 2-3 days. Weak erection, bad erection mainly depends on a weak desire, if the question is about age more not senior 50 years.

In all organism. In that sense, that got tired. Thus well only if today, and then «on life got tired». For-simple the amount of toxins in an organism exceeded the amount of vitamins and oligoelementss, enzymes etc. useful matters. As one of variants - a problem can be in the syndrome of chronic fatigue, by reason of activity of the special virus of family of herpeses. Typical displays of syndrome of chronic fatigue frequent widespread pain in the muscles of trunk and extremities. Such pain does not carry intensive character. It is dull more frequent than all, aching or heaving up. Almost all patients mark познабливание. Besides the unpleasant feelings in muscles, often disturb large joints. Whether it is needed to talk that patients cold is regularly caught the syndrome of chronic fatigue. Lymphonoduss are increased practically always, as there an organism tries to overcome an infection.

First what that a virus can cause a «fatigue from life» was begun to speak in 80th now already the last century. Americans exposed a virus Epshteyn-Barra. Representatives of this class of viruses (as, however, and majorities other), once getting in an organism, never already abandon him. The exciters of syndrome can be also herpes, цитомегаловирус, virus of hepatitis With, enterovirus, хламидии and row of other microorganisms.

A main distinctive feature of syndrome of chronic fatigue is in that rest even long a result does not give. While an organism will not clear up from various внутриклеточных and внеклеточных vermin, potency will rise only at viruses. Conclusion - to clear up and restore immunity. We pass to the section «That to do».

Prognosis on a result from the moment of beginning of reception of natural preparations - from two weeks to month.

Saccharine diabetes and potency

You take it easy to leaf over this page, in a confidence, that saccharine diabetes it not about you. At the hidden form of diabetes the increase of level of glucose in blood takes place only on-loading by superfluous carbonhydratess. In other words, if you do not go by counters with pastries, candies, respect to skip an open sandwich other, tenth, feed on meat dumplings and macaronis from the shortage of time, then push slightly itself to diabetes. And he is insidious even at such initial variant. you will go in the morning on an empty stomach to hand over blood on sugar - there will be a norm or максимум high bound of norm (to 5,5), and will come home gull with 5 spoons of sugar to have a drink - here whereupon analysis and to hand over. But, for us it is accepted to inspect on diabetes high-quality only when such symptoms go, that already and without analyses all clear.

Does the hidden influence, unknown to your doctor and to you forms of diabetes on potency? Simply!

It is considered that violations of potency meet at 25 - 75 percents of obvious diabetics, although, certainly, this picture depends on the form of diabetes. Sexual violations are strongly expressed at heavy, unstable diabetes, more frequent инсулинозависимым. However and supporting the level of sugar a diet or pills, it is impossible to keep cool quite for the masculine instrument. Logic is such: if man one time to knock on a head by a brick is he scarcely after it thoughtful about an intimate closeness, it for all obviously, but if to him a few years day after a day to throw on a head shallow pebbles from an overhead balcony, life that will be not honey. So hidden flow of diabetes steals masculine force, not worse obvious.

Operating on potency takes place in various ways. At first, at diabetes shallow blood vessels are struck by atherosclerosis, including, and privy parts. It gives weak erection even complete maintainance of sexual desire. In addition, the exchange of matters is violated in nervous fabric - in a cerebrum, that can reduce to the zero and desire to be interested in a womanish body and soul. Hypoglycemia (lowered maintenance of sugar) operates and on the sexual centers of spinal cord, knowing erection and эякуляцией. Therefore for diabetics quite often time of семяизвержения delays or it absents. At part of patients the sensitiveness of balanus is mionectic diabetes, scrotum and crotch, that gives bad erection also.

Result. If there are suspicions on diabetes, far not ungrounded, when thirst, speeded up urination, skin itch, bad cicatrization of damages of skin, enhanceable fatigueability, weakness, head pains, passing after-meal, torments constantly - do an analysis "saccharine curve". On a bioresonance inspection in itself center I see that a risk of diabetes is at 50-60% inspected in age senior 40 years. In age senior 60 years almost all get in the group of risk.

As free effective recommendation on the topic the «hidden diabetes and potency» can be divided by the following valuable idea: please, хватит am loaf, macaronis and to drink tea with sugar. Calm the indignation and listen. Yesterday was as well as usually in a фитнес-клубе. Appeared suddenly on a path, traveled on the exercise bicycle of calories 250. At home glanced on packing of dietary bread. So, to return these calories back in soft parts of body 3-4 open sandwiches are needed only. Khvatit to gorge, comrades!

At diabetes it is needed to support the normal level of sugar in blood and contest with atherosclerosis. As it to do it is written in a chapter «Found out diabetes. Really to the delicious meal end?».

Alcohol and cigarettes and potency

In one guidance on the healthy way of life read, that an alcohol caused death of cages of testicles, diminishes the amount of viable spermatozoa and violates co-operation between a cerebrum and privy parts. Eternal memory of potency does not seize as a result of hormones. All is eventual not so simply. It is needed to mark that alcohol poison. And as any poison only in a certain concentration causes death of testicles etc. Presented how the most nervous readers, giving up on this line a book in a trash bucket, went to examine the so to say build in a mirror. Only not use a trammelhead for measurings - he is a cold and rough callous instrument. I better than him will say how many it is exactly possible in grammes, let even daily. 50 grammes of vodka or cognac and 100 grammes of natural wine.

On an occasion шампанского my opinion, that romanticism is in drink, and the стимулируещее action of пузырики of carbon dioxide is rendered only at a dose by no more than 100 grammes. In this case carbon dioxide is sucked in a stomach, goes to the brain and operates as a safe drug - растормаживает.

Beer at the regular use strengthens growth only of stomach. Liqueurs, liqueurs, sweet wines - for potency death.

Nicotine, firstly extends vessels, and then sharply worsens кровоснабжение of working organ. Nicotine lowers an arteriotony in a penis. For this reason he can not be normally filled with blood, when it is necessary. That is why cigarette together with a viagra it an experiment on a theme a toy heave-push or talk of sadist with a masochist: - Well do, do to me very, a masochist talks.

- For anything, a sadist answers.

And smoking in combination with high blood pressure ferrous interferes with sex, as a risk of development of impotence rises in 27 times!

After stopping of abuse, prognosis on renewal of function 2-3 months. As far as will turn out depends on weight of sins and depth of repentance (I.e. how neatly to drink preparations will be). That directly to do abusing for an anxiety about the potency in chapters «Alcohol in a day. How to survive at such chart» and «Leave off smoking. However to put on weight and not become a neurasthenic».

Sport and potency. Select kinds

In general that to go in for sports, I.e. by physical activity usefully. The girls of sportsmen love. But there are separate cases. If not to take into account them, then a sportsman will not be able to love a girl.

Some types of sport negatively influence on potency. And I even not about shots below than belt in football, single combats etc. On a bicycle and horse that advise to go for a drive without fanaticism. Blood vessels often пережимаются and to the penis from it not easier. Growing мышечную mass by the reception of стероидов, you strongly risk. I do not want to offend not a single governor of the USA, but for people with an imposing figure the same capable of working machine below than strap not always. An organism by mistake accepts the high concentration of анаболиков in blood for enhanceable maintenance of тестостерона - masculine sexual hormone and stops to produce him independently. Approximately similarly as in summer you scarcely plug light in a clear sun day. Early or late you stops to participate in a race after governor's mestome and give up анаболики, and own to the testicle already went out on a pension and renounce to work. End of presentation. Curtain!

Atherosclerosis and potency

You think, he is impossible, for example, in 40 years. Alas find out the defeat of vessels and for children. At atherosclerosis of vessels, going to privy parts fully possibly decline of potency. Vehicle our works on a simple chart. In reply to a signal to the attack, going from a brain, on blood vessels must actively flow to the penis blood and there to remain in a time of sexual intercourse. Any hindrance, as atherosclerotic name-plates slows and weakens кровенаполнение and from here weak erection is bad erection. As a result «Again two».

At atherosclerosis prospect to improve potency begins to become the real after 3-4 months from the moment of beginning of clearing of organism. As it to do in a chapter a heart «Hurts and not only from love»

Ovenweight and potency

A beer belly not only mixes to see the penis in regular fashion, rather than just in a mirror. Superfluous weight also conduces to the hormonal failures. Fatty fabric prefers to product estrogen which, as is generally known womanish hormone and, the antagonist of masculine force means. It is another explanation why to enjoy sex weak erection - bad erection mixes.

Reducing weight is possible and it is needed. As it to do in a chapter «From dear pastries that put on weight. How to become thin».

Prostatit and hidden infections

To walk in the rain and not get wet it from an area fantasy. Sea-liquid, water - wet, prices-grow. It is not needed to cheat itself, hidden infections - am almost at each. Simply for someone immunity is normal and that is why хламидии sit, микоплазмы and other уреаплазмы quietly in a corner and wait the hour. And other does not have energy in an athletic tel and that is why those microorganisms live by for him the rakish infidel life, not gladness to itself, to the urologists and gynaecologists, to earning on analyses and subsequent stainsing of sowing antibiotics.

Well, полноте, you trust seriously, that in a pool where you walk the various representatives of flora and fauna do not float only because your subscription costed not cheap or you agree with that подстилочка in a south hotel sterile, only because he 5 star. And tradition to go around with friends in a bath-house. I do not talk about intimate contacts. Sterile men and women not more than angels with wings in the carriage of subway. And all right. We not going for peace in the whole world. Even the предстательную to rescue. It is considered that inflammation prostata - the half of men of active age has prostatit. Approximately at 10 percents bacteria распоясались. At other prostatit is related to stagnation in a prostata gland. At rare sexual life sperm thickens and appears risk of appearance of excrescences in a prostate. If business is in infections, then regular sex and will not prevent here, but him not enough. It will be necessary yet and to accept natural preparations. Unlike antibiotics, enzymes and иммуномодуляторы will not begin to be driven after every separately taken хламидией, but will create the unbearable terms of life to them, as will say Putin to the oligarchs. And they will drive away where a little rather.

Now will say the most important. We will take a deep breath and acknowledged honestly: chronic prostatit and sexual infections on potency influence with especially sides. Most they create the risks of speed upcast of spermatozoa. Thus the delivered from infections is however needed, the adenoma of prostate (of high quality tumour) will grow otherwise, and at the worst is a cancer

That to do in detail it is expounded in this chapter in a section «That to do» and for the especially started cases - in a chapter not «feed vermin, put to death an infection».

Illness of Peyroni

And talking is not desirable when it develops more frequent than all. Dear men, remember that cock it is possible to injure, if to apply with him rudely, that is named «To prick nuts». Especially to overstrain, and even breaking him is possible in position of the drunk ugliness and in sober position, but when woman from above. After traumas fibrotic name-plates can appear in the tel of penis, that results in his curvature. In place of 12 hours, he begins to look on nine or three. Well if a pointer in general will not be bent. From treatment helps practically only operation. But it is possible to control oneself on the initial stages. Noticed compressions or curvatures - running to the urologist, and on the return trip after natural preparations in addition to that will appoint doctor. To treat oneself long - to year, for that there will not be протезирование to do. Concerning протезирования it is a not joke.


Possibly and you were mixed up by expression - гиперплазия of prostata gland. In translating from medical into Russian, it means excrescence of cages. I met people, which trusted that for them two illnesses are simultaneous: гиперплазия of prostate and adenoma. No contradiction with determination of adenoma as an of high quality tumour is not present. Equal as and writing a testament early. A cancer, certainly, in theory is possible on a background an adenoma, but an of high quality tumour quite is not under an obligation to grow into him.

A предстательная gland is located on an exit from an urinary bladder and engulfs an urethra. A prostate can the affectionate cuddles squeeze him so, that in the most unpleasant experiences in a rest room in general not to go down.

Why it did take in head the cages of prostata gland to grow for every second man more senior 40 years? And all those infections are guilty. In a previous book I skeptically wrote about the theory of certain T.Svyashchevoy about трихомонадной nature of origin of tumours. But for the last year on bioresonance research I saw so much hidden forms of sexual infections, that hardness to disbelieve. For example, хламидия known to all damages leucocytes (моноциты). On occasion it so can there and to remain, sealed up there by the fibres of connecting fabric. On ULTRASONIC of prostata gland in this case we will see plural фибриновые compressions, so characteristic at an adenoma and prostatitе. Where chronic inflammation - there and adenoma. That it it was not necessary to bring through prostatit, but not it is simple to put to death the antibiotics of infection and to live by regular sexual life. A main function of prostata gland is providing of viability of spermatozoa. They act from testicles, and further interfuse with juice of prostata gland. He is saturated by протеолитическими enzymes which are instrumental in dilution of sperm, and also amino acid and oligoelementss, cooperant to active advancement of spermatozoon at the hit of sperm in a vagina. Without all this «line» a spermatozoon not навоюет much - to the uterus will not get, forces will not be enough.

As an adenoma shows up:

1. «Badly ходится». In sense of hikes in a rest room. A stream is languid. It is necessary to squeeze out urine. At night it is necessary to walk often, but по-немногу. In the process of urination there can be pains.

2. Can be ill to pain disturb in a crotch, rectum, with an irradiation in testicles, penis, internal surfaces of thighs. Pains in time or after эякуляции (семяизвержения).

3. Problems with heirs. It is not to educate already present heirs an adenoma does not mix. Vice versa a child» assists to verification whether of «house during numerous nightly hikes in a rest room. And with new heirs at an adenoma is a problem. Fruitlessness frequent спутник of this illness.


Quickly: Sealeks

Enough quickly: Poten, Orgamaks. Masculine formula of closeness

Gradually, but stably:

Gold tribulus

So palmetto

Zinc (Coral club)

Plas is simple

Urgent and rapid preparations:

Mainly, that needs to be mastered to the man, to dreaming about super-potency it is knowledge about the structure of the «working organ». Then with all clarity at sight of various preparations there will be understanding: they will help or not.

You have a choice - to use стимулятор with the practically assured, but short action, then it is synonymous Sealeks and he can be used even valid for one occasion, or to provide a stable result. Then care of permanent normal level of masculine sexual hormones, prostata gland - then the best preparations are "Poten", "Orgamaks. Masculine formula of closeness".

When basic problems are constrained even by not potency as such, but with the adenoma of prostata gland or spiteful prostatitом, then it is needed to honour a section devoted exactly to the removal of problems with a prostata gland, and natural preparations will walk up: «Gold трибулус», «So-pal'metto», плас» is «Simple in different combinations. Them it will be had to have a drink pair of months in succession. And the wisest advice, it to use these facilities as a background, and in an order to make happy sweet one straight tomorrow, store up the pair of capsules of «Potena» in a pocket.

Part of фармпроизводителей it is hoped to strengthen influx of blood to privy part in necessary moment and for this purpose more frequent than all «виагроподобные» use vegetable компоненты, cooperant to expansion of arterial капиляров and delay of venous blood. As a result a phallus acquires pleasant hardness and plenitude. The amino acid is most known in this area arginine (natural preparation with him is so named Arginine), and also yohimbine, contained in the bark of the African tree of йохимбе. At the same time there is stimulation of activity of nerve-knots of spinal cord, which manage erection. Fast-acting, in my opinion preparation with a yohimbine - Sealeks. Other possible and much more quiet and soft variant - Poten. At his reception all takes place as though in itself, without a strain.

I will be honest, to explain why Sealeks practically guarantees erection unsimply. A secret is visible for a producer in area of technology. In fact composition - banal enough: элеутерококк, панты of maral, green tea, лакрица and йохимбе. Whether then a maral is caught what that special, whether then йохимбе insisted on green tea gives such fantastic results, but a fact remains a fact: as said to me on one of direct ethers superpopular deejay of «Radio of Roks» Mikhail Yarukov, after the second capsule - «though knock down posts». Can and a metaphor was inserted by master of artistic word and can and true. Other such natural safe facilities with a similar effect «through a floor-hour» while is not present. Are there dangers at the reception of such active mean? If in principle sex is not contra-indicated you, сеалекс in the recommended dosage will not prevent. We will not forget that at an orthoarteriotony during an orgasm for men it rises to 250/120 мм of рт. item, and for women is to 160/105 мм of рт. A heart is beaten here on 170-190% from a norm. Well say that can do bad сеалекс yet? Any brother-in-law can take to such the mother-in-law without every capsules. If in earnest

We accept Sealeks so: if with potency, in general that the special problems are not present, but simply got tired and not sure is the first capsule the day before, second 1 hour prior to the supposed sexual contact.

If it is desirable notedly to strengthen hardness and speed of reaction of organism is a course 3-4 days, and then, again in the mode of «first-aid» is a 1 capsule hour prior to a closeness. If the last orgasm on a background valuable erection it is possible to remember only glancing in a notebook, then advise to accept constantly «Poten», with as «first-aid» - Sealeks before a closeness. In this day Poten - only one time from a morning.

Yes, and hardly not forgot: must be present sexually attractive partner or at least ideas about the near meeting with it. It is not needed to sit and wait while will «act» in itself. A chain locks only at presence of stimulus.

The producers of other mean of «Poten» also were not greedy with compounding. Important difference of natural preparations with extracts damiana and муира пуама in that they operate very softly. They do not promote pressure, does not cause turning of person red, from them veins" do not "heave up and there is not overdriving of the nervous system, mixing to fall asleep. you will not even remember that drink some pills. Simply in necessary moment there will be a desire and excellent sex will happen. Your possibilities will be higher what usually, but there are no side feelings in an organism. For it a damiana and муира пуама value plants in the whole world. As clearly from the name in the Pskovskoy area they do not grow and of yore used by American Indians for the increase of sexual possibilities. Whether it is needed to talk that the Ibero-American men are enough hot and favourites women for the masculine capabilities.

In his composition included:

Arginine - strengthens the influx of blood in the area of privy parts, what instrumental in strengthening of erection, increases the amount of spermatozoa.

Damiana grows in Andes and Mexico. Causes sexual rampage. It is to one of most popular афродизиатиков, promotes general tone of organism, removes depression. Renders a restorative effect on privy parts, strengthens a libido and potency.

Siberian Ginseng renders antihunt influence on the nervous system at a fatigue.

An extract of Tribulus Terestris is стимулятор of making of masculine sexual hormones. Promotes a mood and sexual desire

Extract of Muira Puamy plant by birth from Brazil and is to one of secrets of sexual force of the Латино-американских men. Gives energy and fantasy for long love games.

Swiss oat. Supports work of the сердечно-сосудистой and nervous systems.

Peruvian poppy. In one of pharmacies in Venice heard recommendation of the hot Italian chemists how to satisfy any woman: to accept before a closeness combination Peruvian маки with damiana and муира пуама. It is the trinity of super-facilities respected in the world for fantastic sex. (Only not forget to rest...)

With Pal'metto - the garden-stuffs of palm of сереноа improve the function of prostata gland

Guarana - destroys suckling acid from мышечных fabrics, diminishing a fatigue. Renders the direct affecting cns, promotes a concentration and reaction, stimulates oxidization of fats and accelerates mastering of carbonhydratess. Replaces coffee.

Grass of эпимедии. Stimulates the transmission of nervous impulses in a spinal cord from privy parts, promotes appetence and strengthens making of sperm.

Korean ginseng. At his use: force and mobility of processes rises in a cerebrum, имунная is stimulated and endocrine systems, tone of перифирических of nerve-centres goes down, a feel gets better, vessels are toned up, in particular, sexual sphere, the level of тестостерона rises and the amount of sperm is increased.

Vitamin C. Provides protecting of cages from stress

We accept Poten for to a 1 pill 2-3 times per a day, during a meal. Duration of reception: 2-3 weeks. At a sharp necessity, ò.å when sex is foreseen in unusual time - 2 capsules hour prior to a closeness. you will pay attention, that if you have a good psychological contact with a partner, then it is better to offer to it simultaneously to accept "Poten". In this case a woman will be more ready to the closeness, its desire will increase, it is easy it will be to be weakened, quick to get an orgasm, and possibly and a few orgasms. And you will get a capacity for more protracted sexual intercourse and more bright own orgasm here.

As often man can not, but a woman does not want. Exactly in that moment when he is overflowed by a desire, for it "has a headache". And when it languishes wishing discharging he wants to sleep after a bad day. An organism defies... Nevertheless influencing a masculine and womanish body on one note is possible by natural facilities, even if you got used to so-called to "matrimonial sex".

From January, 2008 you will be able to purchase long-awaited natural preparations of "Orgamaks in Russia. Masculine formula of closeness" and "Orgamaks. Womanish formula of closeness". It 5-star complexes are specially created for a center "Recipes of health" and expected on those, who loves each other and wants to get maximal pleasure from a sexual closeness. Obtaining erection is possible in number of different ways, and to get harmonious sex both from the side of man and from the side of woman much more difficult. To influence an organism on a closeness, but not on "copulation" it is possible by innovative complexes "Orgamaks". Fatigue, deficit of oligoelementss, violations in a hormonal background no longer will interfere with you to love each other. Combination of secrets of the Ibero-American and Brazilian men with the recipes of the Russian witch-doctors gives fantastic sex in the total. And free exchange by energies between a man and woman during sex, and especially at a joint orgasm can displace mountains, change the world and your life. It will confirm any man, practicing тантрический sex. Sex appeal for a man it is money, success in business, influence. Satisfaction for a woman it is a maintainance of beauty, creative activity. Joint successes in sex support family during many years.

All known for the increase of sexual possibilities: extract of grass to goth of stake, extract of sabre bog, extract of roots of копеечника tea, extract of roots of ginseng of настоящего, extract of leaves of damiana, extract of roots of glycyrrhiza naked, extract of муира пуама, extract of leaves of гинкго of билоба, extract of bark of aspen, extract of roots of ginger medicinal, extract of leaves of raspberry usual, roots of elecampane high, microcrystalline cellulose, стеарат of magnesium, lactose.

We accept Orgamaks.Ôîðìóëà to the closeness for to a 1 capsule 2-3 times per a day. In contra-indications to the reception high blood pressure and nervous hypererethism is indicated, but a practical reception did not rotin such side actions. Influence of ginseng is counterbalanced by an extract to goth of stake and гинкго of билоба. Therefore if necessary it is possible to make attempt for first-aid to accept for 2 capsules hour prior to a closeness. Although will pay attention once again, that it is a mean not simply for urgent "copulation", but for normalization and harmonization of sexual possibilities - for a long time. Course 2 weeks, after interruption week and repetition. If necessary (to the fatigue, depression) courses it is necessary to repeat.

Serios methods of adjusting of potency at prostatitе and adenoma.

These preparations, foremost, stimulate making of тестостерона - masculine sexual hormone and improve the state of prostata gland. Their action is not such rapid, as at сеалекса, but stable. If to be quite exact, then without тестостерона we did not speak not only about potency but also quite on a man were not alike. This matter is very active, even in a few giving a noticeable effect. Even enough to look at some women, sufferings from surplus of masculine sexual hormones and carrying «moustaches». Most the plant of трибулус influences on making of internal тестостерона.

Tribulus Terrestris - This plant is widespread on the south of European part of continent, and also on Caucasus and in Middle Asia. In Bulgarian folk medicine used for the increase of potency and improvement of quality of seminal liquid. Ancient Greeks applied трибулус for cheering up (still!). In sporting medicine трибулус is used for the increase of force and growth of мышечной mass. The adenoma of prostata gland develops on a background activity of «imperfect» тестостерона. Tribulus helps an organism to produce correct тестостерон.

Useful property of трибулуса also is a decline of concentration of «dense» липидов, as a cholesterol is an intermediate product in the synthesis of тестостерона. Now clearly, why good sex prolongs life of man. Testosteron is better produced - a less heavy cholesterol stops up arteries.

Most comfortable and accessible preparation, containing it is a plant - «Gold трибулус». To the number arguments in behalf on his reception it is needed to take yet and the prophylaxis of growth of adenoma of prostata gland and рассасывающее and противомикробной action at prostatitе. And here that is reserve for strengthening of potency. Do you remember as a masculine orgasm turns out? Orgasm for a man more frequent than all explain passing of sperm through narrow spermiducts. They press on nervous completions of these channels, impulses are passed in a brain and create in feeling of orgasm. When a предстательная gland is inflamed (as you already know chronic prostatit am almost for every man more senior 40), circulation of blood is broken and nervous completions wrong pass information in a brain. From here is premature эякуляция and weakening of tension of phallus in the process of sexual intercourse. Chronic prostatit will not prevent to you to feel the pleasant suffering at sight of desirable woman, therefore truth is told the by urologists. But to help to «begin for a health, and to end an edematous gland with микроспайками is fully capable. But in fact am on pleasure potency of «Gold трибулус», which all known vegetable компоненты, kind to the prostata gland enter in t

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Regular visitors of his Center are the known artists, politicians, officials, businessmen, habitants of Petersburg and different cities of Russia, near and distant foreignness."Very comfortable practical book.
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Все натуральные средства, рекомендуемые в книге и на сайте не являются лекарствами. Только натуральные препараты и в этом вся соль. Выполнение данных рекомендаций не заменяет лечение и наблюдение у врача. Покажите своему врачу эти идеи. Если он настоящий специалист, то просто обязан знать современные методы комбинирования лекарств и натуральных средств для коррекции обмена веществ, поддержки функциональной активности органов и систем, насыщения организма необходимыми для нормальной жизни веществами.
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