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To give up to drink. To protect a liver and head from an alcohol



This page, sacred to the theme decline of weight, geared-up for compatriots, above-ground outside Russia and using the English-language keyboard. We ask sorry for translation.

If you want to read an original version in Russian language pass on reference.

This chapter I bethought to approximately a year ago. But, collecting material and experience for it, understood that the name is hopeless outdated. Considerable part of people which I have to help use an alcohol in a not day, but daily. Girlish conversations of wife with colleagues on a sauna in the фитнес-клубе of подтвержают my supposition, that not only men but also many women засыпают well after the removal of stress strong drinks. A difference is only in a dose and type of alcohol. Men drink whisky, cognac and vodka, and especially inventive are tinctures of own production on to honey, pepper and cedar nuts (type «for a health»), and also by beer, and women are more frequent pampered by wine. And all nothing. At a normally working liver 50 grammes of strong or 150 grammes of wine it was yet harmed nobody. Begone, whole people drink daily by centuries and nothing. But in that and impediment, that high-quality work of liver in the day-time with a fire will not find and on a pile, drinking for us is not accepted. Not гоже to the Russian spirit to limit itself.

1995 to safe for a man the усредненные daily doses of alcohol, proper 30 мл of ethanol, considered in the world. After 1995 daily doses proper 10-20 мл of ethanol consider more «safe». A health ground down folk. «Safe» doses do not exist for patients a hepatocirrhosis and other diseases of liver.

For pleasure for us it is accepted to drink in a company and to the for-holidays, and every day - for business and against stress. Under a degree apparently not so it is terrible to carry on business in our country. Level of awareness, that so much drinking is impossible usually so high among circulating to me people, that chances on success are extremely high. Much worse, when relatives come with requests to help to rescue a man, passing to the next stage - from a pleasant domestic drunkenness to the real alcoholism. Thus how many I do not try to find a that verge which divides the initial and started stage, while it did not succeed me.

Alas, that, who suffers the hard drinking and fully dependency upon an alcohol an expert in narcology can help only and that scarcely. All encoding, sewings underneath and other manipulations it is earnings rather, what effective procedure. I.e. they, certainly give an effect, but for a short time. Therefore it is very important to listen to recommendations, information in this chapter, to protect the organism from a rock step. you remember as our talked modern Il'f and Petrov in one person is Victor Stepanovich Chernomyrdin: «A country stands now on verge of precipice and we must do in an economy a step forward».

Concerning the benefit of alcohol to the for-evenings for a health. Every second will say to you, that vodka dilutes blood and reduces a cholesterol, and, useful to the heart. As бонуса, will add that по-видимому it reduces the risk of development of diabetes yet and. But it is a true only at the observance of daily norm. And if yet and to add physical activity, then risk of heart attack at mildly drinking and gettings busy once or twice in a week by sport below on 30%.

Only not forget about a high risk to such therapy for you at presence of problems with «alcoholic» heredity and problems with a liver.

To ward off bad папиных or mother genes I scarcely will be able to help, and with a liver it is possible and it is needed to do some work.

And not about chronic hepatitis and cirrhosis a talk will go now. For violation of breaking up of alcohol in blood fully sufficiently banal дискенезии of желчевыводящих ways and fatty hepatosis. A liver processes 90% acting alcohol, and other 10% are on the selection of him with breathing, urine, by an excrement and then. At weight of man in 70 kg a release from a 50 g of vodka takes place for 3 hours, and a 250 g - for 12-14 hours. Speed of destruction of alcohol depends on activity of enzymes of liver. Trying to ward off a poisonous matter, a liver begins to produce an enzyme, ацетальдегиддегидрогеназу, by which breaking up of toxin is to in relation to an inoffensive acetate.

I преложу to you revolutionary going near the decision of problem, as usually people are busy at the searches of mean, reducing traction to the alcohol, and we will go another way. We will endeavour to increase time which your lucid mind has between the first wineglass and decision-making about continuation of banquet.

Does drink much? That to do?

By the best mean for protecting of organism from a defeat an alcohol is, sure, natural preparation of Layver 48. Composition of preparation was tested in a clinic on plenty of people, sufferings alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis and rotined wonderful results. Especially important is ability of this vegetable-mineral composition to activate the antitoxic function of liver due to the increase of activity of its enzymic systems, including histohematin of R4,0 and other микросомальных enzymes. And from itself can add that Layver 48 is favourite preparation of many visitors of our center, as exactly he complimented with to them possibility to have a drink, not suffering then from consequences. Absence of hangover, by the way, it is an index of normal work of liver also.

What a complex «Layver 48 тм is due to»: effective, if you drink much:

An immortelle is sandy - it is known that this plant possesses a spasmolytic action, improves the structure of bile and желчеотделение, removes the phenomena to дискинезии of желчевыводящих ways, improves fluidity of bile, литогенность reduces is propensity to formation of stone. In a complex these properties provide clearing of liver, prophylaxis of growth of stone of gall-bladder, increase of ability of liver

Rastoropsha spotted - in scientific medicine apply at желчекаменной illness, illnesses of liver, icterus, as гепатопротектор - as a protective mean, normalize functional activity of cages of liver.

Nettle is diclinous - operating matters, contained in nettle, normalize in an organism a lipometabolism and render the stimulant operating on making of haemoglobin, possess противовоспалительными properties and accelerate the processes of renewal of regeneration of mucous membranes of alimentary canal, useful to growth and strengthening of hairs at their fall.

A goose-grass is large - in scientific medicine a goose-grass is applied violation of ферментативной activity for renewal of eupepsia, possesses противовоспалительной activity, reduces a cholesterol.

«The most important secret» of «Layver 48 тм»: in combination of the high-quality known components for clearing and making healthy of cages of liver with сернокислым iron. Sulphur plays a large role in an organism. It enters in the complement of cellular shells and instrumental in renewal of activity of cages of liver. Sulphur is needed also for normal work of enzymes of liver and construction of normal cages of skin, growth of hairs.

Here it is much said about properties of separate components. However, it not main. All understand that not enough to mix a few herbares to see the real result.

We accept Layver 48 for clearing and defence of liver for to a 1 capsule 3 times per a day (at weight more than 70 kg) and for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day at weight less than 70 kg A course of reception is 1 month.

But, as you remember, not only clearing of liver gives the facilitation of heartfelt and corporal мук at alcoholism. For what do we inundate in itself a poisonous liquid? To activate making of эндорфинов - hormones of happiness. And they can be got by a less amoral way, and that main - absolutely safe. It is enough to give to the brain base matters from which then these most notorious эндорфины turn out as a result of chemical reaction. Alternative variants are sex, drugs, gluttony, smoking. These methods stimulate the increase of amount of эндорфинов also. But it without comments.

As pills of happiness I will offer to you two natural means - Balansin and Biofield. That such интересного does Balansin contain, that him awarded with hit in this book, where recommended only the best from the best? Above all things it is Thyrosinum, lecithin, piperidic acid, гинко-билоба, and also vitamins of group of V.

Thyrosinum and GAMK especially interesting. Amino acid Thyrosinum promotes the capacity of brain. Instrumental in the best memorizing. Possesses the antidepressed action. Thyrosinum increases the products of neurotransmitters of дофамина, Noradrenalinum and adrenalin, меланина, коэнзима of Q10, hormones of thyroid. And, certainly, it is a source of notorious эндорфинов - hormones of happiness.

Other component - GAMK. The power processes of brain activate under influence of GAMK, respiratory activity of fabrics rises, utilization of glucose and his кровоснабжение gets better a brain, the dynamics of nervous processes gets better in a cerebrum, thought, memory. GAMK is very good at depression which often accompanies propensity to abuse.

Balansin - one of the best methods to be delivered from an imaginary melancholy which it is desirable to wash down. Certainly, from a really squashing you bulldozer he will not rescue, and ideas about that, whatever «nobody loves» and «nobody appreciates» will go away fully possibly.

Ginkgo of билоба we yet not once will remember in a book, as it is an universal mean, effectively operating on circulation of blood. Ginkgo of Biloba helps to prolong youth of organism, slows the processes of senescence. And knowingly today preparations on the basis of Ginkgo of Biloba occupy the second place on volume sales after an aspirin in the countries of Europe, USA and Japan.

We accept Balansin for 1 таб 2 times per a day. Course no less than 14 days in succession, then pass a .â day on 1 таб.

Other mean recommended for a mood is the Biofield. It is preparation of more rapid, but also more short action. Antioksidantnoe an action shows up in suppression of formation of free радикалов and obstacle to destruction of cellular membranes of nervous fabric at pathological processes, stress, alcoholic intoxication.

The peptids of complex the Biofield, воздействют on the receptors of митохондрий in the neurons of cerebrum, normalize the function of митохондрий. Nootropnoe an action consists of improvement of power exchange in nervous fabric: utilization of glucose, synthesis, activate a cerebrum RNK, albumens and phosphotides of membranes. As a result of it stability of TSNS rises to unfavorable influences (including at stress and poisoning), restoration processes in a cerebrum and higher intellectual functions activate (memory, concentration of attention, ability to master information).

The biofield warns overdriving of neurons, preventing their саморазрушение, instrumental in protecting of fabrics from negative influence of недоокисленных products and largely supports adaptation possibilities of organism, operating as адаптоген.

We accept the Biofield short courses for 5-10 days in instance where «all got» and it is desirable to have a drink for disconnecting from reality, but not for pleasure. Variants of reception two. For lazy the method of reception befits «in pills». We buy a 2 packing and accept for to a 1 pill 2 times per a day, necessarily рассасывая them under a language, but not swallowing.

For those, for whom a pair of superfluous minutes and pipette of house is on your own the advanced method of reception befits. We buy a 2 packing of the Biofield, but in capsules. In a day accept 2 capsules. Each time we repeat a simple operation. We open a capsule, there drop a pipette 10 drops of the boiled cold water, wait the pair of seconds, take from a capsule, again by a pipette, got life-giving liquid and bury in a nose in both nostrils approximately equally. Then do during a day yet just once.

And another remark for quite advanced. To breathe in the biofield from a glass shelf it is not needed by the money signs of the foreign states. He effectively gets in a brain, only in the divorced kind. That is why, probably, and possesses on consciousness a medical action, but not destroying as other «powders for a nose».

In spite of such not serious method of reception, the effect of application of the Biofield impresses. Many the people succeed to go out even from the hard drinking by the Biofield, not to mention about that нейропептиды it is the most rapid method of correction of mood in a stress state. I especially recommend the Biofield that, who, having a drink, becomes littleguided and falls in superfluous aggression.

Under a curtain this chapter, however will mention natural preparation, reducing traction to the alcohol. But, plead with you, to accept him parallell with the improvement of work of liver (Layver 48) and normalization of the state of the nervous system (Balansin or Biofield). Only in this case, probably you will say then thank you.

Our government did everything, that was able, to exclude effective компоненты from natural preparations. Many facilities which before helped to give up to drink now added on drastic or even narcocontaining. Amusing, that they acted from the USA, where control after bioadditions in once or twice stronger, than for us. But, nothing will write. From effective facilities and settled for a sale there is only Hudson. Basic operating matter in him extract of кудзу. The roots of кудзу contain изофлавоноиды дайдзин and дайдзеин, пуэрарин. In obedience to a report in the magazine of Alcoholism, Clinical and Experimental Research, проведеные in the Harvard university of research rotined that bioactive matters of plant of кудзу (Pueraria hirsuta) family bob diminish appetence to the alcohol for patients by chronic alcoholism. We will accede to the respected scientists from Harvard, as Hudson not simply so conquered popularity on the motherland of discoverer of vodka. When through fault of transport workers, custom and dark forces there are interruptions with supplying with Hudson, after him a virtual turn lines up from страждущих. Degree of decline of traction it is always difficult to measure on a background the reception of preparation. But relatives, people of abusing, buyings Hudson it is usually talked that for the month of reception frequency of derangements on the average diminishes in 2-3 times.

Certainly, it is impossible to replace all Russian narcology four recommended natural facilities. However, taking into account them fully reasonable cost, and absolute utility for an organism, however recommend to begin with them, before allowed in violence on by a body and psyche by means of sewing underneath and encoding.

For office workers and drinking for weakening each evening, 2th enough monthly course of rehabilitation and then of clearing of liver 2 times per a year.

For creative workers and drinking for inspiration, after two months of primary rehabilitation it can may need go back to a course and more frequent (3-4 times per a year).

If an organism in the process of fight against the sober way of life came not only to the hard drinking but also to the serious defeat of liver, vessels and nervous fabric, then here without individual consultation not to treat. you come. Possibly a battle for life and health is not yet lost. We will carry out together Brusilovskiy breach.

(possibly from history you remember that general Brusilov thought of to attack at once on a few directions and all is very exact распланировал).

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