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Pains are in a heart. Spasms of vessels. To reduce pressure

This page, sacred to the theme decline of weight, geared-up for compatriots, above-ground outside Russia and using the English-language keyboard. We ask sorry for translation.

If you want to read an original version in Russian language pass on reference.

Nobody brags the presence of piles or eczema. Although nothing infamous in these illnesses is present. It is not simply accepted. To tell at the table, that a heart пошаливает, vice versa even romantically. Only here before it was anymore by the display of flirting and aspiration to come into at last the notice of the second half to the own problems, and today a rare doctor will take chance without a cardiogram to say to the 40-years-old man that a heart hurts from a neurosis or bad state of spine. Heart attack in 40 years, and more precisely, first heart attack - already not rareness. Drove women anymore. Whether then drink and work less than. Whether then, that rather - стрессоустойчивость for women higher. Thus, set to assert that can at least twice to shorten for you the risk of pains in a heart, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, and the more so heart attack and stroke, if you will follow to recommendations from this chapter. I am only one but. you must not scunner to life. Heart, as any will say you, мало-мальский specialist it сосредоточие of love on thin energies. When we tell circumferential about a sick heart, we yell, yell, yell or попискиваем quietly, for whom what forces last the: give though a bit attention and love to me. And large and little and thick and emaciated and photomodels and decrepit old women want love. Therefore only in one case I will not be able to help your heart by natural facilities, if there absolutely emptily and that is why began to live quite uninterestingly. In all other cases, take in hands a calendar and begin with pleasure interpreted literally to mark as all less than and less than attacks become. Calendar, it very comfortably, as a man is a creature pessimistic. Us it seems to all time, that it would be yet better. And so, see evidently, that a heart began to disturb not every day, but only one in a week. So, an improvement happened on 700% or correctly sevenfold, and let Gosplan considers. Main that a heart does not hurt and drinking chemistries was no longer begun here.

To the word, recently advised a twenty-year girl. Paid regard to ever-higher propensity to the spasms of vessels in a heart. Situation practically as at a stenocardia. Only age!? People have such in a hangover and for drug addicts. But also here by. So would suffer not begin to ask for a charmer as it feeds. Appeared, that on breakfast - power drink of type of Adr-n. rush and during a day пельменно-чипсовая diet. And so already more than year. So not drink children of energy and feed on more поразнообразнее, not then to be to the first heart attack between twenty five and by thirty years.

To reduce pressure, support a heart, prophylaxis of heart attack

So, if you first experienced pain in a heart or on тонометре of number does not make happy, then first of all it is needed to be troubled about the health of three whale: cholesterol, tone of vessels and water-salt balance. In other words: we clean a liver, weaken vessels, destroy a superfluous liquid from an organism and vice versa enter oligoelementss.

Steep approach from not steep differs the depth of approach. We will be dug down to reason of your "hoodoos" from the first minute and the same will not leave chances to them. Idea which is stopped up in this chapter it practically is a whole book high blood "Pressure" or book heart "Attack", only pressed out to the state of фреша.

Where is a cholesterol produced? In two places: on the enterprises of food industry as pastries, frozen, sausages etc. in the own liver. However much that surprising, this notorious cholesterol is needed for digestion and harms to the vessels he only if acquires a low closeness and ability to fall out in sediment. It is not needed to be weakened if a general cholesterol in an analysis is acceptable. Mainly is a percent so-called липопротеидов of low-density I.e. коээфициент атерогенности. If a liver works as a high-quality oil-refining factory, then it gives out a 98th cholesterol. At majority it loads ethylated 76th with an admixture солярки. If there is a desire deeper to go deep in this question, ask favours. But in the beginning will reminisce that as often wash a machine, how pleasantly smells when open the window of the auto in town, that remains for a girl on спонжике during the evening removal of макияжа, and what color water periodically flows from a faucet. If after this short ecological research yet doubts stopped behind in a necessity to influence work of liver.

Optimum preparation for the improvement of work of liver of Layver 48. He is good also as age-old Georgian wine, possibly, because recipe also the age-old Georgian origin. An immortelle, nettle, goose-grass and sulphur, is included in composition. Correlation and method of making certainly are the article of patent. The comfort of application of Layver 48 consists of that he is universal. And at the present expressed problems (up to hepatitis) and with the purpose of the simple cleaning and tuning of liver he is identically good. A difference is only in duration of reception. For a prophylaxis it is enough 20 days.

We accept Layver 48 for to a 1 capsule 3 times per a day before a meal. Course 20 days

Parallell makes sense to perfect microelement composition of blood. Foremost interests the level of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

The lack of potassium causes мышечные cramps, interruptions in-process heart. At the lack of calcium observed: тахикардия, arrhythmia. The deficit of silicon accelerates development of atherosclerosis, due to violation of elasticity of vessels. At the decline of concentration of magnesium in blood, there are symptoms of excitation of the nervous system: early high blood pressure, propensity to arrhythmia.

There is atrophy of cardiac muscle at the deficit of copper. Surplus of sodium provokes high blood pressure.

One заковыка. In an organism all is arranged so slyly, that to increase or diminish the concentration of oligoelementss unreal. As soon as surplus of one matter will appear, so at once other will fall in insufficiency. Balance is important exactly. To normalize him is possible in two ways. Very near on composition to human blood the set of oligoelementss is contained in so-called «coral calcium» (Alka майн). His folk name not quite correctly, as it is a not calcium, but ground up coral, containing needments. Exactly salt water at the coast of Japan gives mass of oligoelementss to coral, and that kindly processes them for us in a comfortable organic form.

To say that to accept Alka майн (coral calcium) simply, means to say nothing. And however surprisingly, by it is such unintricate method possible quickly to satiate an organism oligoelementss, to show out a superfluous liquid, carry out the prophylaxis of development of arrhythmia and hypertensive illness. As бонуса a hormonal background and state of joints gets better for many people.

How to use Alka майн: to put a 1 valid for one occasion filter-package into 1-1,5л of the filtered water. In 20 minutes it is possible to begin it to accept. This volume needs to be drunk for a day in place of other liquid. Course 30 days.

Other effective mean is powder of shell of cedar nut. Preparation is named Kedroslav. A thing is yet more rare, than coral calcium. Essence of invention in the сверхвысоком growing shallow of raw material. As write in телерекламе: not try to repeat a trick and mill the shell of cedar nut of house in a meat grinder. Technology is protected by the patent of Russian Federation. In «Kedroslave» is record maintenance of potassium, that does him practically to the obligatory for a reception people, to sufferings arrhythmia. There much and other oligoelementss in a bioaccessible form.

In NII of Feed RAMN is set, that «Kedroslav» also considerably influences on the exchange of cholesterol and recommended at ischemic heart trouble, for protecting from a heart attack, stroke, at atherosclerosis of any arteries.

And again a product is comfortable for a reception. Will not be difficult to inundate the pair of soupspoons of powder warm water and have a drink. Some do a «cedar tincture» on Kedroslave, but it is an alcoholic independent action already. On speed of convalescence does not influence.

We accept Kedroslav for 2 ñò.ëîæêè in a day, preliminary inundating warm water. Course 30 days

I pay attention just in case, that use or Alka майн or Kedroslav.

Active program if a heart hurts and it is needed to reduce pressure

And finally, this book would not be named «Health 5 stars» if it was not in it one супер-пупер of complex mean. Such for problems with a heart and vessels there is «Kardioset» is the program of clearing and adjusting of activity of the сердечно-сосудистой system. It and prophylaxis of heart attack including.

When I wrote about the decline of superfluous weight and in general about clearing of organism, then already mentioned about an alike method anxieties about itself - to the program «Kolo-vada plus». Kardioset it is a successful attempt to look after about your spare time and deliver from a necessity to search on pharmacies different necessary to the heart and vessels of компоненты. It is now enough to remember that in the morning it is needed to have a drink for to a 1 capsule from a jar 1 and to the jar 2, and in place of usual «white poison» (to culinary salt) place «5 stars on the kitchen of кардиосоль». Never before a feed was such лечебным as this salt. Basis for taste is marine salt which already in itself it is useful in times, what ordinary. In addition, in composition the red sierra-rice is included standardized on maintenance фитостатинов (reduces a cholesterol) and глутаминовая acid (amino acid, necessary for providing of power processes in muscles including cardiac muscle). About various компонентах of type there is «parsley, greenfinch» of influencing exceptionally on the taste feelings not concentrated, as it is a not culinary book. If in every area it is possible it was simply to use food products.

We will go back to jars under numbers. Recipes 1 it «Lipobalans». In a capsule the specially prepared extract of immortelle of песчаного- is concealed the classic Russian folk mean for a help to the vessels. Active компоненты of immortelle is instrumental in the increase of amount of bilious acids, that brakes the synthesis of «bad» cholesterol on the mechanism of feed-back. In addition, «Lipobalans» is insurance for people, defiat a diet, as he is instrumental in more complete breaking up of fats.

Recipe 2 it «Korbalans», containing a hawthorn, протоантоциды from vine stone, selenium, plant of центелла, пустырник. Hawthorn - in scientific фитотерапии used for support of cardiac muscle, prophylaxis of arrhythmia, crampies of vessels, development of hypertensive illness due to maintenance of холина, Acetylcholinum, organic acids, тритерпеновых saponins. Extract of vine stone - it is well-proven that катехин, эпикатехин and флавоноидные connections of vine possess the expressed антиоксидантным action and protect the cages of vessels from a damage free радикалами, stun atherosclerotic name-plates, and also render a protective action against tumours. Tsentella Asiatic (grass of memory) - operates on vessels due to freeing of oxide of nitrogen, making better memory, circulation of blood and микроциркуляцию in a heart and brain, functions of liver and buds, possessing антиоксидантными properties. The magnesium contained in it is needed for the prophylaxis of arrhythmia and high blood pressure. Selenium is a necessary for longevity microelement, reducing speed of development of diseases of heart and vessels, accelerates renewal after the heart attack of myocardium. Pustyrnik - at correct combination with other herbares, sedative operates on the nervous system, stabilizes tone of vessels, normalizes sleep.

We accept the program «Kardioset» on the following chart: for to a 1 capsule from jars «Recipe 1 Lipobalans» and «Recipe 2 Korbalans» 2 times per a day. A plus is commutable ordinary salt on кардиосоль «5 stars». A course is 1 month

For the especially started cases, when a heart hurts concretely and time does not wait, use the imported preparation of Gingko-biloba (Vitalayn). Only not try to replace him продукций of domestic producer. When in this book something is recommended type of Rolex, then present because of original, but not clock from by Tunisian or Turkish earth. Real гингко-билоба extends vessels effectively, promotes permeability of vascular wall, reduces the sensitiveness of cardiac muscle to the lack of oxygen. It is necessary only to remember that pains in a heart are a situation sharp and more frequent than all not to avoid the reception of chemistry, but as soon as pains passed in a heart, that they failed to appear again it is as possible longer possible to accept гинкго of билоба. It is special it is correct after the carried heart attack or stroke.

We accept Ginkgo of билоба for 1 таб. 2 times per a day. Course 2 months

Other люксовое a natural mean for expansion of vessels is amino acid arginine, helped me to help ten of the respected people. Arginine quickly and reliably extends shallow vessels. It allows to high blood pressures and people feel like a stenocardia even in football and tennis to play, and also to get busy мышцекачанием in a trainer hall, where in general, as is generally known a verge is very thin between Schwarzenegger and invalid. It is an effective prophylaxis of heart attack if overdid with the physical loading. As pleasant addition an arginine strengthens the influx of blood in the area of privy parts and increases activity of spermatozoa for a man and brightness of the sexual feelings for a woman.

We accept Arginine for 1 êàïñ.2 of time per a day. Course 1 month or other chart for high blood sportsmen-pressures: for to a 1 capsule in a day and another capsule 30 minutes prior to the physical loading.

These recommendations befit to practically any being not in cardiologic permanent establishment man. And it is a not theater and even not circus. It is not needed to wait in a buffet the third bell will ring out while. The enough first signal is from a heart. If pressure rose once or first pains appeared in a heart, classic medicine will help scarcely. There treat only hopeless. And for you usually am yet pair of years to persuade the vessels not to get older. And natural facilities are intended for this purpose. A heart asks love and not forget to support its timely financial support as fully tangible signs of attention as гламурных таблеткок and capsules of class of lux.

Electronic book
"Health 5 stars"
An author of book is the known specialist for naturatherapy Vladimir of Sokolinskiy. Author of only nine books, many of which are reprinted.
More than 15 years of practical experience.
Advises daily, picks up the unique individual programs of making healthy.
Regular visitors of his Center are the known artists, politicians, officials, businessmen, habitants of Petersburg and different cities of Russia, near and distant foreignness."Very comfortable practical book.
Written ironically, but "in business"
Remark of unknown reader

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