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Автор книги - известный специалист по натуротерапии Владимир Соколинский. Автор всего девяти книг, многие из которых переизданы.
Более 15 лет практического опыта.
Ежедневно консультирует, подбирает уникальные индивидуальные программы оздоровления.
Постоянные посетители его Центра - известные артисты, политики, чиновники, бизнесмены, жители Петербурга и разных городов России, ближнего и дальнего зарубежья.

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From dear pastries put on weight also. How quickly to become thin, clean surplus, superfluous weight and survive

This page, sacred to the theme decline of weight, geared-up for compatriots, above-ground outside Russia and using the English-language keyboard. We ask sorry for translation.

If you want to read an original version in Russian language pass on reference.


Well, say, you that trust that going aboard a plane and moving in space from minus 20 in plus 20 - will remain healthy. To god in the moment of creation of man and friend of his life scarcely occurred to create the mechanism of acclimatization, allowing so to reconstruct a biological clock for ten clock of flight. But resting is desirable. My task to tell to you in this chapter how to do, that «all was» and «nothing was for it». We will leave a pseudorheumatism, early high blood pressure, violation of hormonal background and tumours, going to growth that, whoever knows how by natural facilities to prepare the organism to the trip.

Treachery of consequences of climatic stress consists in that on a south we do not feel problems. Well unless радикулит will grab or a skin will be scorched. And after return a health begins to remind about itself not tomorrow, but where that in a month.

An exception is parasitogenic and other infections, brought from hospitable India, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, China. In detail about it I wrote «Herpes in the book. Vermin. The hidden infections» are in 2006. Since my collection was enriched by a few fresh examples. Especially often, why that problems arose up after паломничеств in Ashramy in India. Whether then there more spiteful microbes, whether then the spiritual transforming is impossible without physical torments, but disorders of digestion arose up such, that domestic инфекционисты could not help no antibiotics.

For those, who interestingly from what it is better to be saved during trips in exotic countries, at the end of chapter I will give a short certificate - quotation from a previous book.

And for all other - only the most necessary natural facilities, which will do a journey not only pleasant but also safe-health.

As is generally known, stage of sharp acclimatization, I.e. when an organism is in a state of «accented a dusty sack on a head» proceeds 6-7 days. It does not mean that after the week of rest it is possible to hurry cross-country races on Maldives and to drink after it vodka in a sauna, but to immunity, heart and endocrine system becomes however easier. Complete acclimatization for healthy people takes place for 2-3 months. you will remember. Even persecuted by tsar's police bolshevists treated oneself on Kapri (mild Mediterranean climate) not week, but months. And soviet курортологи sent a worker in a sanatorium on 24 days. They conducted an amusing experiment: sent two groups of students from Moscow in Sochi on 24 days. One group, rested savages - did, that was wanted, became tanned and bathed, how many wanted. Other group rested under the supervision of doctor, a stay was expressly measured out them on a sun, finding in water, manipulation treatments. After returning from a south both these groups were by us inspected.

At those, who rested savages, immunological changes after a stay on a resort were so expressed, that they went back to a norm only in six months after returning in an usual climate. At those, who rested on scientific recommendations, these changes were minimum, and soon after vacation their state was normalized.

Where now курортологи? At least in Turkey, Tunis and Egypt to me them finding out was not succeeded. Therefore listen to my advices.

So, to the journey.

Program minimum. We accept vitamins and oligoelementss, as exactly from their maintenance in an organism the reaction of organism depends on stress, level of immunity (and risk of infections and опухолеобразования), hormonal background. For life not навитаминизируетесь, but for a start хватит. We drink Vitabalans 2000. Tested by me on hundreds of people, including itself and family. Begin a reception week prior to a journey. For to a 1 pill in a day. We continue during all journey. In the period of acclimatization the expense of vitamins and oligoelementss rises considerably. Maintenance in fabrics of antioxidants is especially important: vitamins And, With, Å, бета-каротина, selenium. They protect cages from a damage. Including they protect your skin from a damage and development of tumours, and also фотостарения which all cosmetologists frighten pretty women, a sun.

During rest you will add to Vitabalansu 2000 useful matters from the «Swedish table» - the real oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, strawberry and dates with a fig. It will not be much. Did not see yet nobody with гипервитаминозом on a resort. For example, during hikes in mountains to 2 gs of ascorbic acid are appointed tourists in a day. So even system of ultra all is included does not threaten surplus of vitamins.

Program максимум - for persons interested to live so long to the great-grandchildren.

Besides vitaminizing, clear a liver. And it is necessary not only for the judges of unlimited amount of beer and other swizzles, and even for fully chaste holiday-makers. A digestive highway both tests enhanceable loading on rest. At home you scarcely eat so many and often, as it is offered in modern hotels. And composition of food differs from usual. And speech not about the smoked crickets and stew from a python. Fully banal potato, tomatoes, onion grew here quite on other soil and collected the great number of other matters from it, and fish floated in other water and even milk not look like domestic. Exactly a well working liver will help correctly to react on all of it variety of edible flora and fauna.

From the state of liver depends as an organism is quickly abandoned toxins gettings inward from the scorched skin, how many superfluous kilograms will be put aside or will go away for vacation, whether there will be problems with the increase of pressure on a background the jumps of cholesterol and even stability of menstrual cycle for women.

For «abusing» is clearing and defence of liver it is a contribution to the prophylaxis of cirrhosis.

For clearing of liver use the east vegetable-mineral composition now produced exclusively for a center «Recipes of health tested by centuries». This natural preparation of Layver 48. is named

We accept him for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day month prior to a trip or on emergency for two weeks and then continue in a journey.

Another important mean which will protect from the unpleasant openings for-returning it Meyshi is mushroom powder of шиитаке and мейтаке. These two mushrooms are known as healthful, normalize immunity and hormonal background. Dl has us value both. It is especially useful to remember about Meyshi that, who knows about a presence for itself of high quality tumours or that, for whom near relation suffer tumours. Acclimatization is always related to the increase of activity of free радикалов and falling of immunity, that creates a risk. Activity of herpes, папилломавируса, presence of хламидиоза, plenty of birth-marks on a tel it is absolute testimonies to the anxiety about immunity to, after and during a journey.

Meyshi accept week prior to, in time and week after a journey (only to 30 days) for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day.

During flight. Necessarily for execution

As early as time of flight begin to drink liquid in an enough body. For the normal functioning your body requires a 1,5 litre of liquid in a day. During flight due to hard-cured air and pressure fluctuations in a salon, a requirement grows in water. From lowering of atmospheric cabin pressure airplane, the amount of oxygen goes down in blood of passengers. And yet about gases. At the decline of pressure gases as is generally known broaden therefore there can be swelling of intestine and stomach-ache at flight. Accordingly before flight not drink газированных drinks. The best of all to drink every o'clock of flight on glass of clean water of room temperature. In concert it подвигнет to the frequent visit to the rest room, that unusually usefully in mid air, as hinders to the bradyhemarrhea and thrombosis of vessels. To sit long without motion extremely harmful, by an especially suffering phlebeurysm and сердечно-сосудистыми diseases. «Drying» up of organism is instrumental in the thrombosis of veins.

And another remark for дайвинга lovers. To fly home in a day when immersions were accomplished wrong. you will hold back from admiring beauties of the submarine world, minimum 12 hours prior to landing in an airplane differently such overfalls of pressure can strongly not please an organism from high to low.

Whether it is necessary to talk that habit to have a drink in an airplane all, that is purchased in duty-free it is wrong habit. An alcohol in an amount the floor-bottle of whisky for 2 hours is harmful and on earth. In mid air he will prolong acclimatization on 3-4 superfluous of day assuredly.

On rest.

Read these recommendations to the journey, as, finding oneself in a heat and comfort, certainly will forget about everything in the world. And nevertheless. In the first day after arrival endeavour to strain all will-power and go by a bar. Alcohol it is poison.

In addition, even if at home you visit a фитнес-клуб two times in a day, after arriving give to the organism one-two days to rest before allowed in all severe with animators or to wind circles on an embankment in Nice, striking circumferential the endurance of experienced джоггера.

From natural preparations continue to use Meyshi for support of immunity and natural vitamins of Vitabalans 2000 - for everything. From the first day very advise to use butter of tea tree for the prophylaxis of acquaintance with local vermin and infections. It is an extraordinarily strong natural antiseptic. There is one enough drop in a day, accepted with water or piece of bread, to be in a sufficient degree protected. Considered that for to modern medicine butter of tea tree was opened by James Kuk. Arriving to Australia with an expedition in 1770, he looked after aborigines, which brewed from the leaves of local tree drink, replacing by him tea. Besides the use in food, aborigines made out of butter of tea tree a healthful extract for treatment of scurvy, skin diseases, sunblisters, tropical infections and bites of snakes. In more late time butter of tea tree was used as an antiseptic in stomatology and added to technical butters, to reduce the negative consequences of traumatism at oppressed the capitalists of workers (damages skins, got by them in the process of oppressing, better overgrew due to butter of tea tree). It is inward possible to accept only high-quality imported 100% butter. In the ordinary Russian pharmacy such is not for sale. In Finland and in Austria - saw. And it stands there approximately similarly as well as in a center «Recipes of health» are 20 euros for 25 ìë. As well as it is fixed, as a tea tree grows in Australia and NZ, and it is satisfied far.

More than 1-2 drops in a day, accepting butter is not needed, it however ether and in great numbers for buds surplus.

If you know that with digestion for you not all is smooth at home, then enzymes are an extremely useful next to last chord for the medicine chest of traveler. Optimum composition is in preparation of the Biowinters (THE USA). We accept for 1 капс. 2 times per a day with a basic meal. Enzymes, similarly as well as vitamins participate in all meaningful exchange processes and at most people their level is mionectic, that results in deceleration of exchange of matters. Enzymes have besides all other also and противовоспалительное action, that helps them to protect your organism on rest from intensifying of chronic diseases and consequences of poisonings and sunblisters.

Here, perhaps, and all. Remains to put a plaster and peroxigen in a suitcase. Both very comfortably to have in the personal use, as will not speak to the doctor rubbing a leg new shoes or scratching slightly an elbow on a tennis court.

Only 6 facilities, making heavier luggage, but substantially facilitating an anxiety about a health.

Electronic book
"Health 5 stars"
An author of book is the known specialist for naturatherapy Vladimir of Sokolinskiy. Author of only nine books, many of which are reprinted.
More than 15 years of practical experience.
Advises daily, picks up the unique individual programs of making healthy.
Regular visitors of his Center are the known artists, politicians, officials, businessmen, habitants of Petersburg and different cities of Russia, near and distant foreignness."Very comfortable practical book.
Written ironically, but "in business"
Remark of unknown reader


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