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Infections tortured. Herpes. Lamblias and other vermin

This page, sacred to the theme decline of weight, geared-up for compatriots, above-ground outside Russia and using the English-language keyboard. We ask sorry for translation.

If you want to read an original version in Russian language pass on reference.

5 million bacteria are passed at every handshake, 10 millions at a kiss, and those, who reaches in the relations to oral and other sex in general incomprehensible than anymore gets busy from point of microbiologists: whether then pleasure gets, whether then sows infections on the world. Humanity lived quietly to the middle of the last (twentieth) century, when everybody knew that will be a good boy or girl, will not begin to be friends organisms with «bad» and a chance to get hold an infection transmissible a sexual way is minimum. Now on the contrary, presence of хламидий, уреаплазмы or микоплазмы how hardly not sign of style. Ten of people come to me on testing with an entreaty: «find vermin or infections for me». Well not that, certainly then to brag. Simply natural fear before infections and vermin got scientific confirmation. Scientists found the more than enough testifying that above-ground inwardly majorities from you herpes, хламидии, микоплазмы, папилломавирусы and other «lamblias» indeed pull after itself a carriage and little light cart of every ailments. One the doctors forgot to say to mass consciousness. And it was as usual most important. Would whisper though on an ear, that to poison all living creatures into a body by antibiotics and other unfriendly matters practically uselessly.

Who has an out-of-town house or summer residence not worse of academician from a botanical institute knows that is when you are engaged in прополкой on a large area. One plants you delete and in a week in them place other will grow necessarily. But on a flowerbed it is possible to conduct this battle not halting, providing external decentness, and to drink antibiotics and противопаразитарные preparations in place of morning coffee will not turn out right through life.

Many set a question to me: how does it turn out that after the reception of antibiotics concerning хламидий in a few weeks other microbes were sown in analyses? you will bring back to life before eyes the picture of flowerbed with weeds and all will become clear. Into place exempt one microorganisms other come here, as a rule more steady to every influences. We will remember also and christian tradition. After a release from sins - confession is followed by the receiving communion of the sainted secrets, as filling internal spiritual space correct energy - by plenty. With internal space all looks similarly.

How to be delivered from infections from vermin. Theory

Infections and vermin live in freedom only there where it is allowed them to do. you will look in the dish during today. If mainly you met there with ненатуральными products or мучным or sweet or fat, then be sure in that was provided into itself by food not a single million representatives of various rubbish of different family and tribe. It happened interpreted literally words, as microbes and vermin eat something and also you weakened a wrong feed the immunity. In fact all that clearly was not overcooked, poisons nervous, endocrine systems and immunity. And is that important, in what state immune defence? And more important than it and put that it is not. Only immunity can protect from most problems. Rare infection of type of cholera or parasite of type of шистосомы so strong, that can survive in an organism with good immune defence.

For example, in child's garden, where a kid, all children, walks approximately identically heave up in the mouth of toy, but not at all the lamblias. Thousands of people ride to Turkey and Egypt, but then it has long to treat not all and restore digestion. Treat oneself for stomatology and have sex milliards of people, but not all are infected by hepatitis, even if a doctor was not fully exact, and sexual partner - by the standard of innocence.

His immunity disposes of your health and in bad terms to live he will not be.

Quite intelligent hindus creating the greatest system of making healthy for millenniums - аюрведу, assert that clearing of organism must go before any treatment. And it is one hundred times correct: create for immunity a suitable internal environment and he will banish everything superfluous living creatures from an organism, put right normal ферментативную activity and to the vermin above-ground in a digestive highway will not be chances. And then, that will not go away will be much more responsive to противопаразитрным preparations. Attempts to manage carpet bombardments with infections and vermin effective only at very strong a health individuals which are able to manage with internal intoxication caused by the methods of treatment.

The method of class of lux for delivering from vermin and infections is begun with clearing

At the beginning as well as agreed conduct clearing. The choice of components is small. Do you remember an anecdote about victims ship-wreck and natives-cannibals? you will ask yourself: as will be: at once to fry and am or побегаем at first? If it is not desirable long and painfully, then for clearing choose a fivestar complex «Kolovada plus certainly».

In the argumentation limited to recommendations in style of salespeople from the Finnish shop of bioadditions of «Life», which on any question about the ingredients of preparation answer: «It most good». If want details, then Kolovada plus it course from three parts, counted on 14 days. All packages are numbered, inwardly the detailed instruction what number to accept in what day. Remains only not to forget to fill up in a mouth a few pills and capsules with противопаразитарными, enzymic компонентами by lactobacilluss, vitamins and oligoelementss. It is simpler to think of simpler. For the purpose safety, will say that my favourite wife accepts коловада plus twice in a year and becomes only more beautiful. There are a bit limitations during the reception of complex. We observe a reasonable diet, two-three days in the middle sit on the special cocktail and juices, to the word, in a rest room walk as usual. In general, mode of day - does not violate.

There is a brandname secret due to which it is possible to obtain yet more impressive results: deep general making healthy of organism. Reasonable people accept before коловадой so-called coral calcium (алка майн). Never mind regard to the name. It is ridiculous, as in reality you drink a calcium not simply, but extract of coral or coral water, containing a few ten микро and macronutrients of the Japanese sea, obligingly translated for you by coral in an accessible form.

Why did they us give up to? It is not because lives without oligoelementss. Krivokosoboko go for us chemical reactions, enzymes, hormones, vitamins, do not work. And if vitamin complexes someone accepts yet, then on oligoelementss for any Russian complete disbalance, that is well-proven by numerous researches.

In the total so-called slags, and for-simple different compounds from outside and from undigested food can not high-quality go out from fabrics and cages. Cleaning without oligoelementss it how to try water without the special solvent to wash a brush from an oily paint.

Is it possible to accept коловаду without the preliminary satiation of blood, lymph, to the intertissue liquid by oligoelementss by a coral calcium? Why it is not. Only in this case expect clearing including from the vermin of exceptionally digestive highway. Accepting a coral calcium, we threaten on clearing at cellular level.

In the finale of reception of коловады get the improvement of work of liver, intestine, pancreas, state of skin. We conclude the first mechanical phase of delivering from the vermin of digestive highway, provided a basis for delivering from дисбактериоза and normalization of immunity.

That to do for the final delivering from дисбактериоза (after коловады)

If all your problems are closed on the theme of prophylaxis of vermin and removal of дисбактериоза, then after the reception of complex of коловада a plus remains to populate an intestine a normal microflora from the fivestar complexes of бифидо and лактобактерий and to support its living by in our not simple terms simple daily facilities is «Nine.Àêòèâíûå fibres» with kefir for the night.

Temptation is great to the experiment. And every producer talks so convincingly, that his complex is the best. But these bacteria on my supervisions while to do better than nobody was able. Similarly as different quite good cars appear every year, but Mersedes so remained Mersedesom.

We accept Floradofilus or Bifidofilus on 1капс. 2 times per a day.

About a complex «Nine.Àêòèâíûå fibres» one of my employees with the Altaian roots to yet the not end spoiled by McDonalds, said that he smelled a house and freshbread. He is indeed very nice and to the taste and here remarkably useful. Two types of инулина are included in composition, office workers by basis for the feed of bacteria and in concert helping to utilize superfluous carbonhydratess. In addition there are brans, helping пристеночному digestion and timely clearing of intestine, пассифлора - weakening spasms, extract of chicory, neatly helping желчеотделения and beet with a lung a purgative action. It is not medicine, but medical feed - soft, but effective. On a background the simultaneous reception of Nine and high-quality bacteria дисбактериоз disappears and digestion becomes correct.

We accept Nine. Active fibres for 2-3 tea-houses of spoon with kefir or juice before cном+ additional glass of liquid, for example my author фитосбор «Fitobilin». Course 1-2 months

If for you 100% problems with a gall-bladder (for example, he wrong form or with joints, bend or partitions), that another secret. For a removal дисбактриоза is needed even in a day попивать my exclusive фитосбор «Fitobilin», consisting of ten of herbares, ground up to the state of shallow powder. A natural selection to the bile will support work of enzymes of intestine and will not give to perish to the bacteria of which you just settled by Florodofilusa or Bifidofilusa.

We accept Fitobilin so. 1-I am a week every day 2\3 the measured spoon to inundate glass of boiling water and to drink for 100 ìë. 3 times per a day before a meal. Further in a day on the same chart. When will bother it is possible to take break, but no more than month.

At once I will answer a standard question about getting used. And gall-bladder of pear-shaped form or recurvate, some time will become other? It that to talk about getting used to the spoon. Think of other method to bring soup to the mouth and then it is possible to be delivered from getting used to the soupspoon. While will accept inevitable and by the simplest and unintricate method will save healthy digestion, in spite of the anatomic failing from the side of gall-bladder.

Total. Ideal program at дисбактериозе. We accept a complex «Kolo-vada plus», after complex of bacteria of «Florodofilus» or «Bifidufilus» 1-2 months and each evening «Nine.Àêòèâíûå fibres». At chronic pathology of gall-bladder also add «Fitobilin». Now will compare it to the ideas: antibiotics and then weeks two to have a drink to the bacterium and will understand, what Moscow Kremlin differs from the Turkish hotel «under old times».

If it is desirable to be delivered from infections in urea sphere. That to do after Kolovady?

By коловады took off the basic «shaving», provided a basis for high-quality immunity. Here it is very important it was to accept a coral calcium, as a satiation the oligoelementss of защелачивает internal liquids of organism - does blood and lymph more healthy, more fluid, cages apt at self-wiping from toxins. It is substantial for delivering from the hidden infections, being often внутриклеточными. Immunity can knock until someone answers to such infections, only sending the fighters are immune cages on normal roads. If intercellular space hammered in by slags, then first BTR will tie up, not getting to the harmful microbe.

After коловады for the infections of мочеполовой sphere (хламидиях, микоплазме, трихомонаде, уреаплазме, herpes) we use a brandname recipe: butter of tea tree plus иммуномодулятор of Meyshi for women and butter of tea tree plus иммуномодулятор of Meyshi+ natural preparation for the предстательной gland of «Gold трибулус» for men.

Why does a man have more charges? Because prostatit

is an accumulation of infections without certain matters not to win. They do not need women.

Butter of tea tree is known as the strongest natural antiseptic. They can process the even opened muddy wounds, being not afraid of strengthening of inflammation. Inwardly it is butter as well as passes all other through buds, urinary bladder, urethra on a road ruinously operating on foreign microorganisms. For women also it positively operates on appendages (it is important at chronic аднексите). Butter of tea tree needs to be chosen also carefully as beer. In this case price that as a rule signals about quality. In the family I use butter of tea tree of two producers of Vitamaks (внимательно- Australian, but not новозеландское) and Vitalayn only. For safety for an internal reception other, especially with a price less than 800 roubles for 20 мл does not guarantee categorically.

Meyshi - one of my darlings of natural preparations, as is comfortable иммуномодулятором. Two Japanese healthful mushrooms of мейтаке and шиитаке are used on all Europe and only for us all are strange. To the word, the extract of шиитаке in Finland stands approximately in two times dearer than our complex «Meyshi».

Meyshi will awaken интерлейкины, interferon and лимфоциты and they in a friendly manner will set pepper хламидиям, микоплазмам etc. at support of butter of tea tree. As бонуса Meyshi is instrumental in normalization of hormonal background and according to normalization of menstrual cycle, diminishing of hysteromyoma, cysts of ovaries, phenomena of эндометриоза, adenoma of prostate for men. He does not possess a гормоноподобным action, therefore can be used by both floors.

For men additionally needed so-called «Gold трибулус». In detail about him it is possible to read in a chapter the devoted potency and простатиту. Am I often asked why preparation did I name just like this? Well and you really does not want that your трибулус was gold?

To the women. We accept butter of tea tree 14 days for to a 1 drop 2 times per a day. At the same time Meyshi for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day during a month.

To the men: We accept butter of tea tree 14 days for to a 1 drop 2 times per a day. At the same time Meyshi for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day during a month. At the same time «Gold трибулус» for 1 капс. 3 times per a day during 2th months

As a result get besides delivering from the hidden infections, decline of risk of arthritis, early atherosclerosis, pyelonephritis, removal of displays of chronic inflammation of appendages for women and простатита, diminishing of growth of adenoma for men. Not unimportant pleasant бонус. After clearing of organism and treatment of the hidden infections is children will give birth. So protected better.

Method of class of lux at a herpes

I will take the liberty to quote the own previous book for the purpose the utility of herpesvirus for an organism. «Attitude toward a herpes among inhabitants is enough patronized. Opinion exists, that so-called a «cold» jumped out on a lip, so, business with a respirator infection went on an amendment. Something type of folk sign: illness broke forth outside, to good. It is possible it would be to accede to such statement of a question, when the question is about the breach of furuncle for example or hypodermic abscess, but herpetic enanthesiss it not only not to good and near recovery, on the contrary it talks about exhaustion of forces of immunity».

Types of herpes a few including ordinary herpes, genital herpes - very painful, virus of Эпштейн-барра, defiant the syndrome of chronic fatigue et al. As complications even of genital herpes besides the neurosis of caused a painful itch, disorders of sexual sphere, the cancer of neck of uterus and предстательной gland is possible for women and men accordingly, a herpetic defeat of eyes is a conjunctivitis. A herpes is considered one of the most frequent culprits of cancer regeneration of cages. And as fully to clean a virus it is practically impossible from an organism, then remains to do so that he did not show activity I.e. did not propagate oneself. It as criminality. To win to nobody succeeded, but there are many countries, where at nights safely to walk on streets in the clock of Rolex.

A herpesvirus extremely badly reacts on destroying him preparations. Therefore even in classic medicine of ставка done on immunity. We the more so will apply natural proof-readers of immunity and will complement them direct all the same magic amino acid, blackout the processes of power exchange at a virus and interfering with him to propagate oneself. Bonus and exclusive approach to this problem in that not to wait intensifying, but constantly to support immunity in tone. Whether it is needed to talk once again, that much more stable there will be results, if preliminary to conduct purging of organism from toxins (we accept Kolo-vada).

Natural иммуномодулятор is named Meyshi. See in detail about him in a block devoted to the hidden infections. At the especially malicious flow of genital herpes alternate Meyshi with a transfer-factor. It is possible to notice about this иммуномодулятор, that is produced he from the colostrum of cows. Immune matters - transfer-factors are opened in the last century and their task in the way of life to teach the immune system of new-born calf to contact with all microbes with which a mother-cow met for the heavy it is possible even to say crudity life. Therefore experience with transfer-factors is passed the richest and immunity begins to work much better, that is confirmed even by methodical recommendations of Minzdrava, that not less rareness for bioaddition, what the third changing of teeth. Well, and the amino acid, getting up to the herpes literally as «who in a throat» is L-лизин.

We accept Meyshi and Lizin simultaneously for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day during a month. Then the repeated courses of for-necessity at stresses or other moments of influencing on immunity, but not rarer than once in six months.

At a spiteful genital herpes after транфер-фактор for to a 1 capsule 3 times per a day during a month + Lizin for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day.

Then simply Meyshi for to a 1 capsule in a day as early as flow of month.

A flat rate can reach to 5 months. At pre-cleaning a коло-вадой result appears quick and propensity to the repeated relapses far fewer.

The classics also is a necessity of limitation of alcohol and sharp, pickled, fat food for the prophylaxis of intensifying of herpes. Again at clearing of organism it becomes not so important. As in the case of building of house, some visual delay, objectively related to the book-mark of high-quality foundation then saves mass of time on repair of the twisted sthenes. Clearing is high-quality foundation.

How to clean lamblias by an exclusive method?

As vermin, lamblias are on rareness uncomfortable. From one side of them not so that it is simple to expose. And for seven times an old man fills up a large fishing net, пардон, fairy-tales начитался a grandchild..

And for seven times a man hurries with jars in a policlinic, and lamblias are not all visible and only when a kind man will prompt blood to hand over, then becomes truth is clear.

De autre part, at every trifle, touchy lamblias are hidden in цисты and stop to grieve completely. Therefore we will apply the combined method of class of lux on the degree of the simplicity and efficiency.

The most valorous противолямблиевыми (one word what) properties are possessed by a complex Paragon. Certainly we can not compel парагон to influence only on lamblias. And if task exceptionally in delivering from these vermin, and an organism on the whole clears up constantly, then to anticipate the reception of парагона коло-вадой, as in other cases not necessarily.

A few active components enter in his composition at once: extract of grains and skin of grapefruit; skin of black nut; pips of pumpkin;

powder of root of althaea; powder of seed of carnation; powder of wormwood; каприлат magnesium; citrate of Bi; ундецикленат calcium.

Possesses antiparasitogenic activity due to the presence of essential oils and organic acids of grapefruit, walnut and carnation. Including he is effective at a gisrdiasis, хламидиозе, амебеозе, presence of ascarids, threadworms and other worms. A vermifuge action is conditioned also by the action of bitter tastes of glycosides (artemisin and Santoninum), contained in wormwood, skin and pips of grapefruit, black nut. A complex effect is provided due to strengthening of laxation at stimulation of neuroplexs essential oils of carnation, and also by a soft purgative effect with simultaneous emollient mucous membranes by the action of althaea.

Makes sense to use парагон for the risk of ulcerous illness of stomach, if there is foundation to think that the bacterium of хеликобактер пилори lives in a mucous membrane. We will remind that it is accepted to consider in modern gastroenterology, that exactly this bacterium is liable for хронизацию gastritis and relapse of ulcerous illness. Contained the astringent renders in the парагоне citrate of Bi, reducing acidity, enveloping operating on a mucous membrane. In addition, astringent matters with the expressed противовоспалительным action are contained in the skin of black nut (gallogen and its derivatives of эллаготонины).

At the same time it is needed to look after about high-quality желчеотделении for the leadingout of lamblias from a liver and желчевыводящих channels. Otherwise scarcely there will be a rumour. My фитосбор is in-use from series «Recipes of Sokolinskogo» - «Fitobilin» as фиточая or more usual in natural preparation in capsules - «Ziflan» from the высококонцентрированного extract of immortelle.

Against lamblias accept парагон 4 days for to a 1 pill 3 times per a day, after 8 days for 2 pills 3 times per a day, washing down glass of water. To drink no less than 6 glasses liquids in a day.

At the same time we accept Fitobilin. During a month every day 2\3 the measured spoon to inundate glass of boiling water and to drink for 100 ìë. 3 times per a day before a meal.

Or accept Ziflan for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day. A course is 1 month

Parallell to the babies, to growings as flowers in your house I would give black Orekh-bionorm for 1 таб. 2 times per a day (20 days, interruption 14 days and repetition), if they did not yet finish celebrating a 7year and that парагон in a half-note dose, if a child is from 7 to 12 years. After 12 years apply a grown man dosage.

That to do if are often ill you?

A specialist on aurveda would say that for you an equilibrium is broken between дошами and advised to have a drink чаванпраш and change a feed. I will be more humane and will recommend at first to conduct clearing, and secondly, to accept иммуномодуляторы and vitamins. There is a true and third good sister-hand on this porch of heiresses of tsar's throne, but it needs to not all. Speech about antistress preparations. If you work as a «dad Karlo», then read the additionally proper chapter about that, how to leave stresses to the people, to not reading this book.

Concerning clearing you certainly already noticed illuminated from beneath blue ссылочку. And about support of immunity will talk more detailed.

Nikolay caused interest of theme of herpes or hidden infections, then about such иммуномодуляторе as Meyshi you read already. Other - a transfer-factor makes sense to use not on triflings occasions (against ORVI), but in that case when other does not help. In my practice, for example, there are cases when man and with the soul temporally is not friends it and from little up is ill often and yet and on business trips частит. Then certainly without a transfer-factor not to treat.

More widely-used it is been powder of mushrooms of шиитаке in capsules - «Fungimaks» and «Cat-like claw». About шиитаке we talked already, and cat-like claw it is such exotic liana.

From vitamin complexes I always with an enviable persistence name «Vitabalans 2000». He while the best. But lately he strongly rose in price and in spite of 15-years-old experience I gradually look closely and to two other complexes: «Layfpak of seigniors» and «Mul'tivit кейр».

If you do not have an allergy on ascorbic acid, then excellent idea at the least indisposition or in difficult periods of life carreer to accept for 500-1000 mgs. этерифицированного vitamin of S. Na report every case, that in such dose, accepting the ordinary pharmacy vitamin of ñ is impossible. True today there are soluble unacid forms in a sufficient dosage, but they do not have a natural origin it is therefore difficult to say that will be given anymore - loading on buds or benefit. So an optimum natural vitamin of ñ is in a company NSP. Feeling sorry our brain and memory it did not suffer above the name. On a jar so «Vitamin of ñ will be written». It is Extremely important, that in composition not only 1000мг of natural ascorbic acid but also bioflavonoids which it is not mastered without.

When to accept Meyshi or Cat-like claw or Fungimaks and Vitabalans 2000 or Vitamin of ñ (NSP)? Vitamins, if does not want often to be ill - on a month three each month. Immunomodulyatory: minimum in September and February, максимум also four times per a year. Before their reception twice in a year it is desirable to conduct clearing by коло-вада or even фитоклина.

Fitoklin it is powder of seed of the white Indian goose-grass which possesses сверхспособностью increased in a volume at mixing with water. Due to this property soft gel passes through a digestive highway and takes away with itself all unnecessary, in concert improving пристеночное digestion. It is a compromise variant, if on some reasons of коло-ваду to drink it is not desirable or does not turn out. A противопаразитарного action at фитоклина is not present vitamins of oligoelementss, enzymes and bacteria he does not contain. It the simplest from the effective and safe cleanings of intestine. Nevertheless better 4 times per a year to have a drink on the month of фитоклин, than once to remember about коловаду.

We accept before иммуномодуляторами and vitamins of Fitoklin. 1\2 tea-spoon to divorce water of room temperature and at once to have a drink. During a day necessarily to drink 1-1,5 ë. waters. Not to combine with food and medications. A course is a month

In other daypart accept Vitamin of ñ or Vitabalans 2000 for to a 1 capsule in a day. Course 14 days, after interruption week and repetition. At the same time Meyshi or Fungimaks or Cat-like claw for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day.

Many vermin and infections exist in all the wide world. We underestimate them rather, what over-estimate. Meantime, not too difficultly periodically to conduct the planned clearing, without extremes feed, care of the nerves. Then immunity will be all right and urgent measures not may need. But even if you all of it did not do and even information in this chapter did not add a clarity, there always is possibility to appeal to Author of book after individual consultation and we together will wind tail to your infections and vermin. As there are not the not decided tasks, there is an imperception as all is arranged.

Electronic book
"Health 5 stars"
An author of book is the known specialist for naturatherapy Vladimir of Sokolinskiy. Author of only nine books, many of which are reprinted.
More than 15 years of practical experience.
Advises daily, picks up the unique individual programs of making healthy.
Regular visitors of his Center are the known artists, politicians, officials, businessmen, habitants of Petersburg and different cities of Russia, near and distant foreignness."Very comfortable practical book.
Written ironically, but "in business"
Remark of unknown reader


Все натуральные средства, рекомендуемые в книге и на сайте не являются лекарствами. Только натуральные препараты и в этом вся соль. Выполнение данных рекомендаций не заменяет лечение и наблюдение у врача. Покажите своему врачу эти идеи. Если он настоящий специалист, то просто обязан знать современные методы комбинирования лекарств и натуральных средств для коррекции обмена веществ, поддержки функциональной активности органов и систем, насыщения организма необходимыми для нормальной жизни веществами.
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