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Love and sex. An orgasm can become more natural and brighter

This page, sacred to the theme decline of weight, geared-up for compatriots, above-ground outside Russia and using the English-language keyboard. We ask sorry for translation.

If you want to read an original version in Russian language pass on reference.

Sex appeal theme psychological and physiological. In the area of psychology to encroach we will not especially be. A "mother considered sex dirty business, the first sexual experience let down, a man was not able to caress" and all other such themes it not to me, as such pill or capsule is not present, to knock out bad ideas from a head.

And when hormones or general state of health does not allow to yell, moan, gnaw teeth pillow in an ecstasy, then it is here possible to make attempt control oneself. Only will agree at once, that this chapter I write for women and for men, loving and respecting the women. The ideas of type to «make» drunk, «feed шпанской beauty-spot» etc. the rectilineal neanderthal man methods of increase of sex appeal are not examined childly.

Secret, generally - simple. It is needed to help the difficultly arranged womanish organism to learn to get an orgasm easily naturally. And anymore promoting a sex appeal already will not be needed. Aspiration to avoid sex originates from absence of satisfaction. We do not love that, whatever understand. you will remember school even. What objects were a favourite, those did not miss. There are psychological stops. But it, as I already talked is quite another history. Here that can give efficient advice. Look in инете information about so-called «placing on Khelingeru». It is a fully logical modern method of psychotherapy by something look like a role game. He allows to smuggle out of outside, to overcook and cast aside the old experiencing, fears. It is, what from childhood will get out, about what and thought not, but due to placing there is a clarity with past anxieties and present desires and aspirations. There is a legal question: and why psychologist, but not Church, how do I usually advise for delivering from the heartfelt experiencing? Apparently on this stage of the spiritual development imagine poorly, what words to ask a bright orgasm from Lord.

So, leaving ideas after brackets, will embark on adjusting of the corporal activity. A man is however near to the animal kingdom. And animals propagate oneself only in happy terms. If forces of the slagged organism last only the overcooking of eaten and removing of attacks of viruses and bacteria the last forces of потасканного immunity, what sex appeal speech can go about.

The hurried masculine mind already stretched after a purse to pay to the desirable woman a tour on a resort for a recreation or jar of vitamins on a thin end.

But not so that simply. On a resort a «body» can show quite those not effects which you planned and in place of stormy sex to give out intensifying of gastritis, but vitamins certainly not mastered off preliminary hand of digestive highway.

You will reconcile oneself to. Straight the increase of sex appeal can not happen this evening. Without clearing of organism of stable result not to obtain.

If you read this chapter the first in a book, then for a short time will ask to appeal to the chapter «From dear pastries that put on weight». The method of clearing of intestine and liver is there described. A main violin is played by natural complexes: «Kolo-vada a plus» is the deep clearing for all departments of intestine and «Layver 48» - the best, that is for the improvement of work of liver.

As in an anecdote about a hen and cock: «I will not go after, so though will get warm - a cock thinks, pursuing after a hen». In other words, harm from clearing of organism will not be every. As a result, at least, digestion, state of immunity, will become better, exchange of matters, a hormonal background, state of skin, will become better. A hormonal background strongly depends on the level of maintenance of enzymes in an organism. They not only overcook food and participate in противовоспалительных reactions but also help to slit surplus of hormones. Therefore normalization of work of intestine and liver helps to recover balance of hormones direct appearance.

In my practice even there were cases, when the problem of fruitlessness for a woman disappeared after clearing of organism. So not forget to be protected, since коло-ваду drank away.

As clearing of organism will strengthen a sexual desire

Better and quick than it nobody thought of yet. Therefore we accept a complex Kolo-vada plus on instruction which is inlaid in every box. First seven days packages under 1, after three days packages 2 and powders (we do a cocktail) and four days packages under 3. In all a course will occupy two weeks. Extremely desirably before the reception of course during 14 days to use coral water and it to have a drink after clearing. Satiating, by approximately 80 minerals the blood you will give a build material for hormones and enzymes. It as an abundant market for a good cook. I am from what to choose to create a culinary masterpiece. While your organism reminds badly taken away Uryupinskiy сельмаг. Not offended only. About the whole-year deficit of oligoelementss all dietitians repeat over and over again at most people.

After completion of 14-daily reception of Kolo-vady, drink Layver 48 for renewal of normal work of liver and exchange of womanish sexual hormones. It is known that estrogens disintegrate in a liver. But here they yet and influence on the level of androgens (masculine hormones), also contained in a womanish organism in the least. And these androgens and push slightly the sexual desires of woman forward. That it was quite clearly: sex is wanted simultaneously and outside and from within.

And than better a liver regulates balance of correct on a structure estrogens, the higher sex appeal.

Except for a help to the liver, Layver 48 contains sulphur which opposes to appearance of угревой rash. As see all reasons to accept him - interpreted literally words - present.

We accept Layver 48 for 1 капс 2 times per a day to the meal. A course is 1 month.

But not only by one cleanness sex appeal will grow on. For the increase of sex appeal it is not very bad to repaint the world around by paints посветлее. To get an orgasm in a state of labour exploit, tension such as though mechanical pick in hands as that is unconvenient. I am, 22 methods and 105 poses are eventual, but it on an amateur. To promote a sexual desire the admirers of sexual экстрима it is not needed and so. Every day, weakening and bliss is desirable. Kayf from life, sex it is a biochemical reaction in a brain, when the «hormones of happiness» - эндорфины are thrown out in blood. Unwise people, which do not guess that can get these эндорфины as a result of the sexual discharging try to grasp at a bottle, наркоту or to overeat. Actually without harm for a health разжиться эндорфинами it is possible only abed or gymnasium. Getting used appears though and, but it is safe. All other methods either amoral or conduce to obesity. I am and yet couple of нейрогормонов: Dopaminum (дофамин) and serotonin, responsible for feeling gladnesses and pleasures. If all these «fellows» are not enough, then though given by bouquets and candies, all candy-bouquet period will be alike in consciousness on funerals. And an escort will not understand sincerely, why he is such soft and fluffy, and a lady is dissatisfied. Opposite, at the normal transmission of nervous impulse in a brain a reaction on pleasant arises up adequate and easy. And as the saying goes: a song flows above the river.

Some pragmatic physiologists in general answer a question about what love as follows: «The results of numerous researches show that love is related to making of дофамина and norepinephrinum, compounds which обуславливают origin of euphoria. In addition, sense of love is related to making of фенилэтиланина, that «gives to you a that simper which you одариваете strangers». And love and sex in general lay out on the successive making of certain hormones without which erection will not come for a man, and for a woman - an orgasm absents.

Fully logically to present that the lack of hormones of happiness can be filled in. Only accepting them as a pill is impossible. And a serotonin and Dopaminum (дофамин) and эндорфины appear in a brain. And build bricks it is possible to toss up for them. It is amino acid of 5-гидрокситриптофан and Thyrosinum. From them kind your multiclever brain synthesizes that he needs for happiness.

As it is a meal in a manner, then fearing getting used is not needed. The all superfluous will fission quickly.

Where there are sought after чудо-компоненты for the kitchen of happiness and increase of natural sex appeal. There are natural preparations the Biofield, Normoksan and 5-гидрокситриптофан.

Each of them contains needments. If you test chronic stress and he does not enable to put right connection between reason and appetence to the opposite floor, then it is better to use the Biofield. It the set of amino acid is done on «secret» technology. But practice shows that even the short course of the Biofield (5 days) is able to do порозовей glasses spectacled through which you look at the world. If a hand stretched on a road home to power drinks, then better accept the Biofield. He will help to balance work of the overdriven brain, will give a chance quietly to have a good sleep and get up resting, by sober eyes by a looking at the world man.

About «Normoksan» in detail it is written in a chapter about «трудоголиков». What there sex, when in a head only business. Therefore, by the way, absence of orgasm for business women meets more frequent. It is amino acid of L-тианин briefly. In an organism it grows into piperidic acid (GAMK), and a that всвою turn harmonizes the transmission of nervous impulse. Getting L-тианин, a cerebrum in place of "stress" beta-waves begins to emit the "weakened" alpha-waves. you are better restored during sleep, stop to get irritated. Other operating matter in composition «Normoksana» - all that 5-гидрокситриптофан is a source of serotonin of hormone of happiness and for addition of bouquet is пассифлора. A miracle is a plant, helping to pacify even the Brazilian women before menstruation. He is accepted by courses

5 NTR. 5 гидрокситриптофан, from which in a brain the hormone of pleasure turns out serotonin. This preparation anymore befits for those, who «on a tear». 5 NTR helps to overcome depression: «who want does not know. who know - does not want.». He is also accepted by courses.

How to accept the «pills of happiness» for strengthening of sexual desire:

Biofield for рассасывать a 1 pill under a language 1 one time per a day. Course 5-10 days

Normoksan for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day. Course 30 days

5 гидрокситриптофан for to a 1 capsule in a day. Course 30 days

And will repeat oneself once again. It 100% safely. As neither excitant nor sedative effect at preparations is not present. They simply harmonize.

True of life just in that and is, that it is possible to help an organism to return a natural sex appeal, and to overcome proof non-acceptance of concrete man or natural traction to sleep for 20 hours in a day, going from little up will turn out scarcely. Violence we will accomplish only above stresses, chronic sores and fatigue, and violence above personality of blessing will not bring.

Sexual dissatisfaction it not about you.

For кого- that a problem is depression and absence of sexual desire, and other are tormented by sexual dissatisfaction. As adorable male lies alongside, and to satisfy does not can clearly. For amateurs to include forcing however will tell about womanish афродизиаках and methods to promote the brightness of orgasm and sex appeal for a woman.

At first lines, will remember the Indian and Brazilian methods of acceleration and strengthening and deepening of orgasm. Our Ibero-American friends suppose justly, that sexual satisfaction of woman it is a child of joint love of man and woman. Therefore the same Indian composition in theory can be used to the man and woman. Main компоненты of Ibero-American sex is exotic plants damiana, муира пуама, Peruvian poppy. Such preparation in the variant adapted to modern life I.e. in capsules, named «Poten».

All know сеалекс, viagra and other effective facilities, assuredly enabling to enter into a closeness by a woman and helping a woman to win over the problem of absence of orgasm. Important difference of natural preparations with extracts damiana and муира пуама in that they operate very softly. They do not promote pressure, does not cause turning of person red, from them veins" do not "heave up and there is not overdriving of the nervous system, mixing to fall asleep. you will not even remember that drink some pills. Simply in necessary moment there will be a desire and excellent sex will happen. Your possibilities will be higher, than usually, but there are no side feelings in an organism. Love and sex is included in the harmonious state. For it a damiana and муира пуама value plants in the whole world. As clearly from the name in the Pskovskoy area they do not grow and of yore used by American Indians for the increase of sexual possibilities. Whether it is needed to talk that the Ibero-American men are enough hot and favourites women for the masculine capabilities and the Ibero-American women differ whichever, only by a not coldness. In the complement of Potena enter also an arginine which strengthens the influx of blood in the area of privy parts, what instrumental in strengthening of erection, increases the amount of spermatozoa for men and helps to feel more bright orgasm for women. Someone can be heard of creams with an arginine which is inflicted in area of clitoris and the same guarantee a клиторальный orgasm. But I now not about such rectilineal method, but however about such use of arginine, when and participation of man more actively. Arginine at a reception inward, as promotes кровенаполнение of organs of small pelvis, activates the influx of blood to the uterus and sexual lips, to the that clitoris and strengthens feeling of orgasm for a woman, facilitates his arrival.

Swiss oat. Supports work of the сердечно-сосудистой and nervous systems.

Grass of эпимедии. Stimulates the transmission of nervous impulses in a spinal cord from privy parts, promotes a sexual desire.

Korean ginseng. At his use: force and mobility of processes rises in a cerebrum, имунная is stimulated and endocrine systems, tone of перифирических of nerve-centres goes down, a feel gets better, vessels are toned up, in particular, sexual sphere, the level of тестостерона rises.

Vitamin C. Provides protecting of cages from stress

We accept «Poten» for to a 1 pill 2-3 times per a day, during a meal. Duration of reception: 2-3 weeks. If necessary it is possible to drink for 2 capsules one-time hour prior to a closeness. But on a man an action will be anymore in this case, and a course reception is however required a woman for the prophylaxis of sexual dissatisfaction.

My special pride, as husband with 15-years-old experience, the father of three children and grand-dad of one grandchild is caused by other complexes for harmonization of sexual relations.

As you understand a task at any cost to enter into a sexual closeness with present alongside a woman does not cost in marriage. A long love-affair creates, alas, habit with which people the domestic are celebrated by different methods, by not always ethics. Meantime it is not needed to throw down simple physiology from accounts.

Constancy dulls speed of transmission of nervous impulses, extinguishes hormonal splashes and as a result mixes to test such emotions as desirable. Therefore in series «Recipes of Sokolinskogo» appeared two unique preparations, which help not simply to accomplish sexual intercourse from the technical point of view, but also create physiological terms for a closeness, harmonious sex, exchange by energies, after which it is desirable not to turn away from each other and to fall asleep, but glad to life.

Main constituents of preparations the all those Indian recipes are a damiana, муира пуама, goth of stake and гинкго of билоба, but to them added and cleanly Russian tested facilities of сексотерапии.

Preparations are named Orgamaks.Ìóæñêàÿ formula of closeness and Orgamaks.Æåíñêàÿ formula of closeness. Often man can not, but a woman does not want. Exactly in that moment when he is overflowed by a desire, for it "has a headache". And when it languishes wishing discharging he wants to sleep after a bad day. An organism defies... Nevertheless influencing a masculine and womanish body on one note is possible by natural facilities, even if you got used to so-called to "matrimonial sex". Orgamaks will help to harmonize sexual biorhythms and «can and want», then, when it is needed both. Fatigue, deficit of oligoelementss, violations in a hormonal background no longer will interfere with you to love each other. And free exchange by energies between a man and woman during sex, and especially at a joint orgasm can displace mountains, change the world and your life. It will confirm any man, practicing тантрический sex. Sex appeal for a man it is money, success in business, influence. Satisfaction for a woman it is a maintainance of beauty, creative activity. Joint successes in sex support family during many years.

We accept «Orgamaks. Formula of closeness» for to a 1 capsule 2-3 times per a day or to the men as first-aid for 2 capsules at once after floor-hour to the closeness

In contra-indications to the reception high blood pressure and nervous hypererethism is indicated, but a practical reception did not rotin such side actions. Influence of ginseng is counterbalanced by an extract to goth of stake and гинкго of билоба. Therefore if necessary it is possible to make attempt for first-aid to accept for 2 capsules hour prior to a closeness. Although will pay attention once again, that it is a mean not simply for urgent "copulation", but for normalization and harmonization of sexual possibilities - for a long time. Course 2 weeks, after interruption week and repetition. If necessary (to the fatigue, depression) courses it is necessary to repeat.

Perhaps, that is all, that in business. And other: the best, that excites for a man it purse., not nice men of not áûâàåò.è other excusatory introductions let will remain for those, whoever was able to get кайф from life, because so did not read this useful chapter. Absence of orgasm, sexual dissatisfaction, mionectic sexual desire it not about you. Love and sex met in an ecstasy and theoretical talks about what love leave on then, physiological barriers and desire were taken off began to flow the stormy river. Light goes out.Curtain.

Large to you sexual happiness dear women in love and understanding!

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