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You get busy in a gym. How to get from a gym and fitness benefit for a health

This page, sacred to the theme decline of weight, geared-up for compatriots, above-ground outside Russia and using the English-language keyboard. We ask sorry for translation.

If you want to read an original version in Russian language pass on reference.

Men differ from women, and teenagers from pensionaries. New idea, not true? And trainers are in a фитнес-клубе, water in a pool and instructor on an aerobics for all identical. If to continue this philosophical research, then it will be necessary to acknowledge, what employments for the people of having problems with superfluous weight on principle differ from trainings of худышек, and such illnesses, as osteochondrosis, артроз, phlebeurysm, сколиоз, high blood pressure, saccharine diabetes and even pyelonephritis, a colitis and hepatitis give the special charm to the purchase of subscription in a prestige club. Ekstrima lovers can test the happiness. Maybe, intensifying will come, can it is not.

I will say only at once. I consider sincerely, that walking in a club needs to all, whoever is paralysed. And walk already more than two years regular and spare, that did not conduct there the childhood after strengthening of мышечного vehicle. Then in 18 years, more credible than all would not be torn slightly on a summer residence and did not have a necessity to develop the author systems for renewal of joints and spine, which were ill without a trainer hall years ten every blessed day.

A question stands not on русски straight: to give to itself the physical loadings or not to give, but fully civilized: how to help to do employments in a фитнес-клубе maximally healthy.

Grasp at a barbell only if it falls on you

A dosage of loadings is a main task of instructor or trainer which is strictly obligatory you. People, running across with senseless eyes from a trainer to the trainer or trying on a dispute how many will press out with a barbell cause horror. Risk good cause is eventual, but in fact we talked about a health. And now time to explain why unassisted specialist on making healthy of employment in a фитнес-клубе often does not give the desired result.

Imagine the car of 10-years-old remoteness, the last time driving out outside the city in young days. And on what that прихоти of the proprietor he accomplishes exploit and rides to Kirghizia the motion. I hope that it caused in you the same emotions of anxiety as for me. But roads, apparently, on all постсоветском space of not German quality, so that it must be terrible.

Organism of man not going in for regularly sports similarly reacts on a barbell as motor-car секонд-хэнд on the roads of the CIS. Without rhyme or reason an owner requires to reconstruct circulation of blood in muscles, carbohydrate exchange, work of the сердечно-сосудистой and hormonal system. At first body an evil resists to the new tasks - hurts and aches. Then, if on a trigger you press an overstrain, depression, is without a measure included, chronic illnesses are intensifyed. For many such scenario results in the waiver of trainings or diminishing of their intensity to the slow swimming in a jacuzzi.

And all that needs it was to be provided to the organism support as natural preparations, known in the whole civilized world. Higher than loading - there is an additional requirement in the bioactive matters of participating in an exchange matters. Simply give to the organism a correct fuel as vitamins, oligoelementss and other necessary matters and he fine will drive you to the tops of sporting achievements: to the beautiful figure, good tone, increase of forces and endurance.

And does a jester can with them, with trainings? As that lived before. No will turn out. As it is so stopped up by nature, that disburse illnesses we mostly for the not mobile way of life and plenty of stresses. And winning over this stress is possible only creating the reasonable physical loadings. One is ousted to other. Besides exactly the мышечная system is basis of your health. In fact initially our body was created not for circulation on shops, relaxations in the company of friends after a bad day in an office. The condition of survival of man was ability to hurry after a mammoth. Accordingly digestion is needed to give food to the muscles, a heart and vessels will put blood to them, buds destroy the products of exchange of matters, the nervous system manages motions, hormones regulate growth of muscles et cetera Sootvestvenno not straining a muscle regularly hardness to expect a general good health. In the conditions of мышечной laziness other organs also weaken after the lack of need. But also the inadequate loadings also are not useful. So for a barbell at the beginning of way grab, only if it falls on you presently.

The most important preparations, making better efficiency of trainings

For the man of any level of trained matters as his liver, buds, works, how sufficiently in the organism of vitamins and oligoelementss. I especially advise on the initial stage, and also then every floor-years to conduct the prophylactic cleaning of intestine and liver, and also three each month to accept high-quality vitamins and oligoelementss. For advanced - vitamins are needed two each month. What better will be mastered from food useful matters, the high-quality cages (and it is a rejuvenation neither much nor little) will begin to brush up - consequently intestine. What better exchange of вещетв, clearing of blood, than more active a hepatin provides oneself in muscles, the they are more trained, beautiful, strong, less than fatigue - that is why a liver is important. Buds are responsible for a mineral exchange and maintenance of water in an organism. Without oligoelementss and vitamins the exchange of matters does not go normally. Besides vitamins it is antioxidants, and their protective action simply necessarily. During physical work in cages many toxic matters appear and they are just rendered by harmless by vitamins. A process reminds incineration of fuel in your machine. Even if it works ideally, however under an exhaust, sleeping is not recommended. At combustion of fats and carbonhydratess in our organism also not «divine dew» appears and it costs in good time and high-quality to destroy. Thus anxiety about the organism from within does not quite abolish trainings. In this month beginners it is just met a фитнес-карьеру with trainers, work off a technique with a trainer, gradually promote endurance.

For clearing of intestine I usually recommend two most comfortable natural preparations is a complex of коло-вада plus or нутриклинз. I will quote other chapter from the same book.

Kolo-vada a plus is accepted 14 days. To it better as early as flow of two weeks to drink the Coral calcium. Some people, suppose naively, that water is insisted on a coral calcium needed for addition to the oligoelementss which allegedly washed at clearing. It not so. Gives no global loss of neither vitamins, neither minerals nor useful bacteria of коло-вада. It is simply needed to remember that all matters (including - harmful) in blood and other liquids are in our cut-in state. And in an order to provide an exit in the road clearance of intestine from a wall all superfluous, and also to help in passing of thousands of biochemical reactions in an organism in the process of clearing it is needed to provide them raw material in a kind микро and macronutrients. By coral water we aim to give natural composition to blood. Clearly, why here coral water is better than other exactly. On the composition corals, growings at banks Japan, maximally copy correlation of oligoelementss in blood of healthy man.

I saw in a highly sensitive microscope as blood changes after the reception of only one glass of coral water. Mobility of bloody little bodies is increased and they stop to look as agglutinate. In other words fluidity of blood and its ability to feed and clear fabrics of different organs is outwardly increased even.

In addition to drink a 1,5 litre of liquid in the day of in general it is extremely necessary in the process of clearing. Imagine the washable of linen in water which is not changed. Doubtful picture. Not true?

In the period of reception the коло-вады producer of product recommends to add to it so-called mud «Gidrosel'». It is a mineral concentrate of нанокластеров (as a silox, sulfate of magnesium, carbonate of potassium), reducing the surface-tension of water due to freeing of the negatively charged hydrions. A mud гидросель does water of структуированной, more fluid, helps an intercellular liquid freer to circulate.

Program of коло-вада a plus plugs in itself packages with enzymes, противопаразитарными компонентами, herbares for the improvement of digestion, vitamins, lactobacilluss. They are accepted on a very simple chart. you take a package under a number and drink a few pills and capsules. In the middle of course on 3 days it will be necessary to limit itself in a meal and drink only juices and cocktails from powder of коло-вады. Then 4 days again pills and capsules.

People, not feelings an effect from the reception of коло-вады a plus I did not see. Besides the improvement of overcooking of food and harmonization of appetite, majority marks the decline of weight, improvement of the state of skin, general tone. For some women clearing of коло-вада plus it the first step to long-awaited pregnancy, as after clearing a menstrual function gets better and probability of pregnancy rises.

Nutriklinz. If Kolo-vada plus showed oneself too difficult with its packages, then use other deserving product. Him I recommend already more than 15 years. For this time a price and twice packing changed one hundred times, but quality and forecast effect remained former. In his composition of which a microflora, enzymes, хлорелла, vitamins, enters together with two types of cellulose (by a digestive and not digestive), minerals et cetera If to observe a dosage set by an experimental way and considerably less,чем is written on a jar, then an effect turns out considerable and soft. An intestine works much better (but without excesses) already in 10 days. There is the ферментативная cleaning inaccessible a black draught, to the enemas and мониторной cleaning of intestine. Begins to be better overcooked eaten, дисбактериоз leaves gradually. It is special it is important for men which plan to grow мышечную mass. It is needed it will be to drink albuminous cocktails, and at presence of дисбактериоза from them will begin, as my teacher talked on therapy of «пуччини, паганини». you will clean an intestine and deliver itself from potential problems.

Composition of Nutriklinza for a certificate: Flour of seed of white goose-grass 93,6%

хлорелла with the blasted cellular walls 0,7 %

acidophilic bacteria (grown on a carrot) 0,01%

стеркулия платанолистная 5,0%

бета-каротин 0,1 %

a buckthorn is purgative 0,15%

aloe faith 0,1 %

papaya 0,1 %

black walnut 0,7 %

pods of сенны (senna) 0,25%

гамма-оризанол 0,05%

organic germanium 0,01%

cayenne 0,1 %

wild rose 0,2%

garlic 0,1 %

We accept Nutriklinz on a chart: first three days for 1\4 tea-spoon in a day, washing down plenty of water, after yet week for 1\3 tea-spoon and two weeks for 1\2 tea-spoon. Not combine a reception food and necessarily drink powder right after dissolution in glass of water or juice. After a couple of minutes he will grow into kissel. During a day drink everything no less than the litre of water.

After the reception of коло-вады or parallell with the reception of нутриклинза (from the second week) look after and about a liver. Will use natural complex «Layver 48». It is tested. Operates. Accepting Layver 48, we not simply reduce weight, but yet and considerably strengthen the health. A liver is an universal filter. When a liver works correctly, then blood effectively purges the cages of all organism from internal and external poisons. So it is possible to say that it is preparation for the decline of weight, although parallell he yet and a liver will remedy you.

Another secret about which forget often: a liver works in a pair with a pancreas. Which produces insulin and глюкагон the same are hormones necessary for mastering of carbonhydratess. And exactly the normal structure of bile (produced to the thin captain) is very important for the prophylaxis of damage of pancreas. If a bile is «aggressive», then it can be pelted in the channels of pancreas and create the enhanceable loading on it.

A few herbares (goose-grass, nettle, immortelle) and connections of sulphur enter in the complement of «Layvera 48». And to mix up them «from a vegetable garden» and get the same result. But, does not turn out. Brandname composition has the technological secret saveable as a «age-old мегрельский recipe». Although some researchers add that technology to age-old east medicine yet from times of Avizenna. So it or not - will leave to the historians. It is important for us, that the monthly course of reception of «Layver 48» is able substantially to improve a lipometabolism in a liver and in an organism on the whole. The physical loadings and any жиросжигатели work better on a background it. Very pleasantly, that finally that begins to come to the norm appetite. He becomes less «wolfish» much.

We accept Layver 48 for to a 1 capsule 2-3 times per a day to the meal during 20 days. For the best effect on this period considerably will decrease the consumption of alcohol and fat food. Although about what it I? you are a sportsman.

Then. After the course of clearing (on the second month) enter vitamins and oligoelementss in the life. So they better will be mastered. The best vitamins are Vitabalans 2000. I already wrote not once about them. The strongest place of complex of vitamins of Vitabalans 2000 is rich experience of the practical use. In our family and accordingly for the patients of Vitabalans 2000 used already about 15 years. On an allergenicity etc. I also put hard five to him. Last time recommended him to pregnant daughter. Of second principle отличие- composition of complex. Hardness to find other complex of especially natural vitamins with such composition.

Composition of Vitabalans 2000 for a certificate:

Vitamin And, Inositol, in-carotin, Kholin, Vitamin of Å, paraben, Vitamin of ñ, Calcium, Folievaya to-that, Phosphorus, Vitamin of V1, Vitamin of V2, Iron, Niacinamidum, Magnesium, Vitamin of V6, Zinc, Vitamin of Ä, Manganese, pond Bioscums, Potassium, Pantothenic to-that, Chrome, Niacinum, Selenium. Additionally in Vitabalanse-2000 contained: the ferruginous-10ìã stuck, гинкго of билоба-0,34мг,горец multiflorous -10ìã, to goth of stake-10ìã, decorative merry-10ìã, yellow sorrel-10ìã, ginger-10ìã, cayenne-10ìã, sheet of pipsissewa-0,34ìã, sheet of êð.ìàëèíû-10ìã, sheet of dandelion-10ìã, sheet of papaya-10ìã, sheet of peppermint-0,34ìã, brans of almond nut-10ìã, brans of rice-10ìã, parsley-10ìã, спирулина-25мг, проантоцианидины-66,7мг, сарсапарилла-10мг, dill-10ìã, whortleberry-0,34ìã, эхинацея - 10мг, 63 microelements in хелатных forms. In other words Vitabalans 2000 provides the maximal amount of useful matters. Thus he is an absolutely not allergen. Vitamins and oligoelementss - good because 100% natural. And on a cost, the month of reception of Vitabalansa treats all approximately in 500 roubles.

We accept vitamins for to a 1 pill in a day. A course is 1 month, after interruption 1 month and repetition. For the men of actively practicing with heavy scales and «игровиков» (тенесистов, volley-ballers, footballers etc.) and boxers is a reception courses, plus for to a 1 capsule in days trainings.

Parallell we accept oligoelementss as a coral calcium. In general fight against закислением of organism it is a head stone in the theory of rejuvenation. At the deficit of oligoelementss a кислотно-щелочное equilibrium and blood is moved «закисляется». Eta cleanly a биохмическая «theme» hinders to the normal cellular breathing, normal update of cages, abandons much недопереваренных «wreckages» in the process of exchange reactions. From them there are many matters - toxic. The decision of problem of закисления is satisfied simple: it is needed to move to live somewhere in Andalucia or to Uruguay where much benefit is in green-stuffs and fruit. Other way - to drink oligoelementss as powders or capsules. And here the most clever method - to drink water, insisted on a coral calcium. The domestic dream of age-old remoteness is incarnate in the coral calcium of the Japanese origin cleanly: here to do something such that then to do nothing.

Composition of oligoelementss (a few ten) is so balanced indeed, that it is enough to place them in the body, and farther an organism already will build on them on purpose. Many notice the improvement of the general state and capacity already in a week reception of coral calcium. Work of buds and arteriotony is quick than all normalized - superfluous water leaves. If in the process of trainings not to normalize an introductory-salt exchange, then an organism often reacts the increase of pressure, head pains, edemata, stone can speed-up appear in buds. In addition, a fight against целлюлитом will not go quickly if on to touch internal edemata. A coral calcium removes similar risks.

We will say thank you to corals, to growings in strictly certain part of the Japanese sea and processing for us in a comfortable for mastering «animal» form oligoelementss from salt water. Due to them, it is enough to put in 1,5 a with a capacity of one the liter jar package with a coral calcium and in a few minutes it is possible to drink correct water with healthful properties. Simpler only «on a stove to lie». To the word, comfortably to take with itself coral water and on training. Before loading it is needed to have a drink glass of water and further at the first symptoms of hunger for a few mouthfuls. you remember that thirst strongly reduces an effect from training. Drying itself needs to the fighters and boxers before competitions, and for фитнеса not only not usefully but also very harmful.

Accept coral water simultaneously with vitamins after clearing. Nevertheless if you have problems with pressure or with joints and spine, and also with buds, skin, nails, then it can be drunk and parallell with нутриклинзом or коло-вадой, and the more so with cleaning of liver. In future we accept a coral calcium not rarer what 2 times per a year or more frequent at irregular and not strongly natural feed.

Superuseful trainings at the sick back or sick joints

I know about what talk, as it now passed to the free scales and take away a wife on hands from a pool, and before itself extracted from a machine in half bowing. Combination of natural preparations and reasonable trainings helped helped to take an osteochondrosis under control. That do: we read with an instructor 10-20 times on the initial stage to work a technique and avoid intensifying, fix muscles, inward accept хондропротекторы (Artros or Geladrink фаст at a pain syndrome) and coral calcium.

Artros it is quite unique preparation for me. Till he began to be exclusively produced for a center «Recipes of health» powder of operating matter was registered as raw material for sporting food stuffs. There is very good information of clinical researches of operating matter - колламина. One misfortune. Extremely an effective matter was very tasteless and difficult in a production. An only one factory in Russia is able to do powder, and pills or capsules do not turn out from him, though cry. Western producers did not begin to suffer and get гидролизат of collogen on more simple technology and flavours add. But also an effect less than from him, why and it is necessary to гидролизату to add глюкозамин, хондроитин and other matters. In Artrose there is ферментативный гидролизат of collogen (колламин-80) 80% cleannesses, powder of healthful mushroom of шиитаке for support of противоспалительных reactions, powder of parsley making better taste and operating as a lung is diuretic. Even 32-day course of reception Artrosa at an osteochondrosis, hernia of межпозвонкового disk, артрозе gives the improvement of structure of fabrics, what the oedematousness and pain diminishes due to, mobility is increased. For the improvement of the state of spine and joints it is needed to improve circulation (for this purpose practice mildly, прокачивая blood through muscles, washing them) of blood and improve the feed of fabrics (for this purpose we accept Artros).

We accept Artros for a 1 sprinkle of snow in a day in the first half of day. Course 32 days. Conduct powder in glass of juice, drink, refill yet an a bit liquid and gather additionally the remain of powder on walls.

It is possible to create yet more sanatorium terms for the back and joints. All know about efficiency of dirts. But to ride right now it was not planned in vacation. There are not problems, as a sanatorium came to you home. Exactly such dirts, as use in спа it is possible to inflict on the worn out with suffering extremities and at home. I recommend medical dirt «Anapa» or шунгитовую paste of «Shungolit». Both it is drawn from banks by a soupspoon, warm up above the spout of tea-pot and inflict a skim on a joint. If it is required to treat позвоночник- that without the special warming-up inflicted on vertebrae by a stripe breadthways to 5 see on one department (neck or lumbar). From above polybag, from above to conceal a warm shawl, towel, by a blanket etc. We lie 20 minutes whereupon take off composition a moist rag or take a shower. Right after it again cover the place of procedure warm, and the best of all leave to sleep. Effect from 10 procedures parallell with trainings and Artrosom will compel many to be thoughtful about sense of journeys to the masseur on Bali.

I very love Artros, but acknowledges that he is tasteless. If you are a possessor of the refined gastronomic taste and are afraid to lose ability to distinguish Chablis of different years, then use more unintricate on technology, but aromatized Czech гидролизат of collogen. He is named геладринк plus and accepted also during a month for to a 1 measured spoon in a day.

In the case when we found intensifying of osteochondrosis or arthritis, then here Geladrink will more walk up фаст in capsules. In his composition natural противоспалительные matters are included by an anaesthetic action. A main operating component is a natural extract - босвелин, possessing a противовоспалительным action. Bosvellovye of acid improve кровоснабжение of joints and restore ability to travel cross-country of blood vessels, спазмированных from toxic influence of products of inflammation. They can also create additional circulation of blood, providing, improvement of кровоснабжения in joints.

We accept for 2 capsules of Geladrink фаст 3 times per a day. Course 30 days

In future not forget that about хондропротекторах and coral water. What anymore will be weight, with which you get busy or than more time you will begin to conduct on a racecourse or in the hall of martial arts, the it is more active needed to protect joints and spine. All bodybuildings, with shock elements it is early or late run пауэрлифтингом and martial arts into chronic pains in area of locomotorium. you will pay regard to that in a hall for many налокотники, knee-guards, belts. Avoiding traumas is possible carreer accepting хондропротекторы and supporting balance of minerals (артрос, геладринк, coral calcium).

Superuseful trainings for the decline of weight

I will not be very detailed, as a whole chapter is devoted this theme. I will say briefly, that here you with thanks will reminisce cleared by Layver 48 livers, absence of internal edemata, cleaned by coral water. It will be necessary also to have a drink карнитин and гарцинию, астролин or chrome chelate for restraining of superfluous appetite.

More detailed about a method read in a chapter «From dear pastries that put on weight»

Superuseful trainings at problems with a heart and vessels

Blood thickens at the active physical loadings, an arteriotony rises and it can threaten intensifying at high blood pressure, arrhythmia, ischemic heart trouble.

It can be easily avoided using natural preparations. First of all we reduce a cholesterol by «Lipobalans». He plugs the высококонцентрированный extract of immortelle in composition. An action is based on adjusting of balance of bilious acids and cholesterol in a liver. As a result of monthly reception blood becomes a less problem due to the improvement of amount and quality of cholesterol.

We accept «Lipobalans» for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day to the meal. Course 30 days.

Parallell!!! we care of tone of vessels. Spasms do not need us. Blood must flow to the workings muscles easily and freely. For this purpose there is «Korbalans». Recipe of the known pharmacologist of professor L.A.Nikolaevoy. Protects the walls of vessels from a damage free радикалами. Also calms the nervous system and normalizes sleep, improves memory and attention. Korbalans contains: extract of grass of пустырника cardiac (useful at high blood pressure), extract of garden-stuffs of hawthorn кроваво-красного (useful at arrhythmia), an extract of vine stone is a world leader on defence of wall of vessels, extract of grass of центеллы Asiatic (other name «To goth of stake» or «grass of memory», instrumental in expansion of vessels, dilution of blood, reduces the sensitiveness of cages to the lack of oxygen at an ischemia), an antioxidant is selenium. Together Lipobalans and Korbalans form a люксовый complex for vessels.

We accept «Korbalans» for to a 1 capsule 2 times per a day to the meal. Course 30 days.

At ischemic illness of showing up attacks stenocardia and by hypertension strokes however surprisingly to practice that it is possible. Certainly, heavy weight here does not fit already, and racecourse, bicycle, элипс under a protection natural preparations very real. I do not remember, I told already this case or not in a chapter devoted to the heart and vessels, but I have an acquaintance which due to the permanent use of natural preparations began to cause a not fast and on doctors to walk, but plays with friends in football and tennis in Turkey, and after it manages yet and to have a drink on a heat. One of wonder-working facilities due to which a stenocardia and high blood pressure stepped (besides clearing of vessels and liver) back it is amino acid arginine. By the way from a luminary Russian нутрициологии professor V.A.Dadali I heard, that in Japan an arginine is successfully applied in place of nitroglycerine.

Amino acid an arginine extends shallow arteries are capillaries and the same removes the risk of crampies of vessels. Besides it the channel of blood is considerably increased through muscles - their feed.

We accept Arginine for to a 1 capsule before and after training. In other days - 1-2 times per a day in the first half of day. Course of prophylaxis - 30 days simultaneously with «Lipobalansom» and «Korbalansom», after accept only in days trainings.

Superuseful trainings for the increase of мышечной mass.

About women we in this case talk not so in detail, as for you nice ladies, muscles substantially grow only from the injections of illegal preparations. And scarcely you need a biceps as for champion «Olimpii». And beautiful resilient muscles for a woman are arrived at by a correct feed and exchange of matters (see chapter «From dear pastries that put» on weight about clearing and chrome chelate, гарцинии, астролине). In the plan of trainings the greatest value has plenty of repetitions with small weight. Tone of muscles, mainly, is provided by minerals (see is a coral calcium).

Widespread womanish error - to get busy for hours. Physiology of woman is sharpened under maturing of child. If to give the long loading, then then an organism will try to stock more about a supply. As an example will remember swimmers. Their body from a permanent cold becomes the special on a structure, with dense hypodermic fat.

So 1,5 hour including a trainer hall and aerobic lesson - fully suffice. Many physiologists consider although, that active sexual life more effective of aerobics. About a trainer hall such information is not present.

Main womanish preparation for the increase of training efficiency is a coral calcium and карнитин. The first allows to include the correct exchange of matters, improve to tone of muscles and skin, second starts the process of incineration of fats in a cage.

Accepting карнитин is needed directly during training. A valid for one occasion dose is 1500 mgs.

For men, obtaining growth of muscles is possible combination of the competent training, regular albuminous feed and reception of arginine and трибулуса. For the correct training catch for a tail an instructor and create the personal system, as that is written with in a magazine Schwarzenegger well for him, but not necessarily for you. For majority of principle there is a division of trainings on the groups of muscles. I.e. it is impossible in one day to train the back and feet and biceps and deltas and press. Will grow nothing. Or go to work as a gladiator or man of special troops on a thin end, then loadings will become каждодневными and the «circular training» will work. How many times to practice within a week choose individually. Every day it is not needed simply. 2-4 times per a week optimum. Reception of arginine, vitamins, minerals, the conducted is preliminary clearing of liver and intestine simply will be accelerated renewal of muscles. To tear their sense does not have. Strained - give to grow to the new fibres.

Training duration directed on growth of muscles - 1 hour A man is not adjusted by nature to the protracted work. His muscles well work on principle «waited, went after, put to death, ate, rested».

When to accept vitamins and minerals we already talked at the beginning of chapter (I will remind, after clearing). A «arginine» for increased пампинга (pumping of muscles and washing of suckling acid blood) toast 30 minutes to training in a dose 2 capsules (1000 mgs) and under age 30 years yet and before sleep (1 capsule) for activating during sleep of growth hormone. In days, when training is not present, it is possible not to drink an arginine.

«Gold трибулус» as drink the source of plant of трибулус for activating of own тестостерона, masculine sexual hormone without which neither muscles grow, neither after a mammoth, hurrying is not desirable nor girls do not draw. In our stress life тестостерон in a norm only for teenagers, and those, whoever neither drinks nor smokes and does not sit in «Contact» at nights. Besides трибулуса in preparation there are a few useful plants, successfully influencing on a предстательную gland. More detailed in a chapter, devoted to простатиту and potency.

We accept «Gold трибулус» for 2 capsules 2 times per a day during a month.

Finally, not forgotten to have a drink or eat squirrel during a hour after training, 2 hours am not carbonhydratess, if does not want to collect not only muscles but also fat. And in general not forget to consume a more albumen during a day (1 g on the kilogram of weight). That it did not affect badly buds, we cleared them in beginning coral water. you sleep 8-10 hours in a day. Restored and raise on a health.

Employments in a trainer hall at a phlebeurysm

It is not absolute contra-indication, but life complicates. When you will get busy in a trainer hall, then inevitably blood will begin to be increased squeezed out in feet and varices will begin to make progress. It I report on a case if you think that not training directly a leg will avoid a problem. Such exercises as squat, подъем the feet of platform with a load etc. simply will strengthen a varices. But even подъем barbells on a biceps also will promote loading on veins. Do you disbelieve? Listen to the feet. One output. Reception of венотоников and use of effective cream наружно. We will begin with simple. Cream is inflicted right after training, since will chill feet a cool shower, once again use cream before sleep. The best on my experience is Gel Altai. In the complement of the specialized cream of "Gel'Altay прима" enters at once a few known antivaricose components, and reputation of producer legendary GelyAaltay a plus talks for itself. Technology and secrets of production - on a height.

Ginkgo of Biloba is deservedly named the "tree of youth". In leaves plants there is an unique complex of flavonoids, which extraordinarily beneficially operates on the vascular system. Basic action of гинкго of билоба - to increase the influx of blood in areas, testing failing in it, including lower extremities, all arteries, veins and even shallow capillaries. The point is that гинкго of билоба - unique from known to science of plants, containing specific matters - гинкголиды and билобалиды, which prom

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