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A health is in a trip, or how to leave illnesses of house

This page, sacred to the theme decline of weight, geared-up for compatriots, above-ground outside Russia and using the English-language keyboard. We ask sorry for translation.

If you want to read an original version in Russian language pass on reference.

To leave off smoking it is necessary. If you certainly do not trade in an own body in the vestment of Peter I and does not sit before a camera in form sea captain. Going them nowhere as without a tube with a fragrant baccy - will not purchase. To leave off smoking all ordinary people stands as absence of problems with a health at smoking is a chance. Doctors in the whole world: requiring payment and disinterested in your treatment will confirm that the risk of shrine rises at smoking, problems with breathing, allergy, heavier will flow with age vascular diseases. Smoking woman more money outlays on a cosmetologist and stomatology. A smoking man before and more credible will run into problems with potency. And is it necessary to you it? Answers for a question: «why smoke» strike the child's uningenuity. For a company, for weakening, on habit. Here, perhaps, and all list.

Similarly small and list of arguments against leaving off smoking right now. With all it is possible to help to understand by natural preparations.

You are afraid of «breaking» - suggest to conduct clearing of liver and blood and use vegetable enzymes. In the total - it will not be very.

You are afraid to put on weight are those enzymes and facilities for adjusting of lipometabolism.

Do you fear that without a cigarette hands will tremble and will begin to make at people? It is possible to avoid it by the natural «pills of happiness», supporting the exchange of matters in a brain and returning an adequate reaction because it will make not a single sedative out of pharmacy.

Unique with what it is impossible to manage by my facilities so it with an of principle desire and with gregarious sense. I.e. in theory a "easy method to leave off smoking" exists, only for him there is not the unique miracle-pill, and a complex is required.

Unlike alcoholism or drug addiction, dependence on a tobacco is not such strong and exaggerating physical traction is not needed. To leave off smoking very really, and I will tell as it to do maximally comfort and safely.

There is only one relative contra-indication. If you smoke a few ten of years and already a heart attack or stroke happened or there is the expressed ischemia, then a hardover from smoking on this recipe is impossible. I am a not supporter of experiments above a health. Nicotine in the beginning weakens the wall of vessels, and then, there is a spasm. Therefore hardover from smoking at presence of serious problems it the best keeping indoors with vessels. But however it seems, that middle age of readers of book about 40 and to you this limitation does not behave.

So, how to leave off smoking.

First stage, to leave off smoking. Clearing of organism.

In an ideal accept during 14 days an optimum complex for clearing of коло-вада plus. His charm is in simplicity of reception and scalene action: from the correction of microflora of intestine to purging from vermin. I will not go into details, as very high-quality told about коло-вада a plus in other chapter. We accept коло-вада plus 14 days. At this time limit for-possibilities amount of cigarettes, but does not give up fully.

Then we will begin normalization of work of your main противонаркотического organ - liver. For the representatives of all chaffs efficiency of work of liver means quality of rendering of all poisons harmless in an organism, and also correct lipometabolism. And for women yet and normal level of estrogens. As a liver takes part in the exchange of womanish sexual hormones. So, cleaning of liver abolishes the set of weight and improves a general feel, mood. To use for cleaning to the liver and normalization in it exchange processes natural preparation of Layver 48. A value presents combination of vegetable components (immortelle, nettle, goose-grass and др) with сернокислым iron. Although, if to be quite honest, then in Layvere 48 there is a technological secret, explaining efficiency even short courses. Composition of this mean was tested by serious scientists - soldiery doctors and they had to acknowledge that indeed takes place renewal of functional activity of hepatic cages. To the same conclusions majority of accepting Layver 48 comes independently. As the «cleared liver» gives itself to know the general improvement of feel, by the increase of capacity and even to the sex appeal. I recommend exactly Layver 48 for this part of heroic epos as boldly chopping off with his help a head after a head for the monster of табакозависимости, you here risk nothing. Such cleaning is safe even for Ilya Muromtsa kindergarten age.

Course of clearing of liver - 20 days. Reception for 1 капс. 3 times per a day to the meal.

Second stage, to leave off smoking. We give up the pack of cigarettes in a rubbish heap.

Well, here and a responsible moment came. It is time to give up smoking. This method to leave off smoking easy as the preliminary cleared organism more favourably reacts on your efforts.

Do it it is better from the nearest Tuesday, will show originality. Arguments of type: we will decrease, will look - not accepted. If will leave even one cigarette in a day, then will turn out scarcely.

To the word, does know how on lessons at school it is proved children, that cigarettes and drugs are relatives? Crumbs ask: whether they saw inscription on a pack with cigarettes, that they are dangerous for a health, ask then: whether they turned attention on a cough for smokers, bad teeth and earthy color of person. And, finally, show the picture of lights of smoker.

And then, hearing a positive answer on all questions, a teacher sets the last, killing question: is it so possible to consider normal, not dull man which, knowing all of it, nevertheless, sticks to itself in a mouth next cigarette? you can at leisure set and to itself that question. In fact on a mood a great deal depends. Eventually, you are an owner of the body or it does that wants.

Nicotine was very slyly built into your exchange of matters. It is considered that he looks like natural matters, stimulates receptors, sensible to adrenalin and the same becomes allegedly by a necessity. But also he can обхитрить. There is an antidote on every poison. On nicotine such is ксеронин, Morinda contained in the Polynesian plant (juice of Noni). Getting nicotine at smoking, an organism wrongs, accepting him after ксеронин, necessary for the normal functioning of albumens. If ксеронина sufficiently, then mastering a sensitiveness to nicotine falls sharply. All so simply.

From food sufficiently ксеронина in the period of getting out of the habit from smoking we do not can. Remains to drink juice of Morindy (juice of Noni). This plant absorbs from volcanic soils much useful, and then yet and it ferments under a tropical sun.

The reception of juice of Noni reduces traction to smoking.

How to accept juice of Noni to leave off smoking:

For a 1 item to the spoon 2 times per a day before a meal. A course is 1 month.

If you very long and smoke in plenty, then increase a dose to 2 ñò.ëîæåê 2 times per a day

Thus necessarily to drink enough clean water (1-1,5 litre in a day).

Parallell we care of vessels, quiet sleep and mood.

For these aims at choice it is possible to offer two means: rejuvenating мезококтейль or natural preparation of Balansin.

Mezokokteyl', in spite of external simplicity (only 1 is accepted one time per a day for to a 1 tea-spoon), possesses very interesting composition. Mezoflavon is he DMAE is a main operating matter. DMAE stimulates education in the organism of Acetylcholinum. Acetylcholinum has a ноотропное action, I.e. it is expressed stimulates a cerebral function: strengthens memory, concentration of attention, cognitive capabilities; improves a mood, in correct dosages improves sleep, causing bright realistic dreams.

Acetylcholinum extends shallow vessels, that helps to improve the feed of skin, muscles, internalss.

Ginkgo of билоба in composition мезококтейля promotes mastering of glucose fabrics, a synthesis is ATP. Improves and promotes providing of fabrics, and satiation of blood oxygen, improves the transmission of nervous signals and cerebral activity on the whole. Beneficially operates on микроциркуляцию, strengthens the walls of shallow vessels. Improves a blood stream in the vessels of cardiac muscle, retinas of eyes, buds and other organs. Beneficially operates not only on arterial vessels but also on the venous and lymphatic system, that helps removes the stagnant phenomena. Lowers aggregating (clinging) of thrombocytes, due to what тромбообразование goes down in vessels. Due to the improvement of blood stream and the best mastering of oxygen, гинкго helps to save normal activity of major organs and instrumental in the rejuvenation of cages.

Ginkgo of билоба satiates an organism matters, beneficially influencing on a health at stress and chronic fatigue, phlebeurysm, ischemic heart trouble, different arrhythmias, violation of cerebral circulation of blood.

Reduces fatigueability goth of stake and facilitates depression, improves circulation of blood, stimulates work of heart, buds and cns.

Lechebno-profilakticheskogo action of succinic acid and its connections modifying influence is the basis of on the processes of tissue exchange - cellular breathing, ionic transport, synthesis of albumens.

So in one tea-spoon of rejuvenating мезококтейля contained much enough useful to your vessels.

How to accept мезококтейль to leave off smoking: for to a 1 tea-spoon (no more) in a day in the morning.

Balansin it is a mean for those, who considers the nervous system distant from stability. It the proprietor of company yet can to itself allow to «make at people» in the moment of «casting of smoking», and if you though and high-paying, but manager of middle link, then in a collective scarcely will overcook the bile poured out on them. Therefore with lightness will transform man in soft and fluffy, so easily experiencing parting with a cigarette, that all around will want.

Balansin is a classic natural mean from the syndrome of manager. Does not stimulate and does not calm. Does adequate. Improves sleep and mood. Does not mix to lead a machine, do reports, stabilizes sexual life. Well that is yet needed for happiness. Many components enter in the complement of Balansina, but description of vitamins we пропутим, as they meet and in other facilities. And that, is rareness. Piperidic acid (GAMK). Under its influence the power processes of brain activate also, respiratory activity of fabrics rises, mastering of glucose and кровоснабжение gets better a brain, at presence of cerebral pathology improves the dynamics of nervous processes in a cerebrum, thought, memory. Thyrosinum. L-тирозин is soft психостимулятором. Promotes the capacity of brain. Instrumental in memorizing. Possesses the antidepressed action.

A lecithin is an universal phosphotide, being structural the component of cellular membranes, potential energy and certain enzymes source.

Magnesium - needed for the normal functioning of мышечной and nervous fabric; he is included in composition about 90 enzymes contained in the organism of man. Magnesium reduces tension of smooth muscles in the walls of arteries and thus lowers a piesis. Magnesium reduces the level of cholesterol also. The deficit of magnesium causes violation in the emotional sphere of man - he is irreplaceable for the prophylaxis of stresses and syndrome of chronic fatigue.

And, certainly гинкго-билоба, about which talked before, when I told about мезококтейле.

How to accept Balansin to leave off smoking: for 1 капс. 2 times per a day. A course is 1 month.

Use for stabilizing the states of vessels and nervous system either one or other preparation - what pleased anymore. A course is 1 month. Why so? Practice shows that man which does not smoke four weeks and does not test from it sufferings in an organism can not smoke right through life.

Third stage, to leave off smoking it is correct - to shut out gain in weight.

If you are inclined to полноте, then foremost read a chapter about the decline of weight. But if completely from smoking you struck the wasp's waist of all circumferential, now began to collect superfluous weight, possibly, it will be succeeded to treat more simple facilities.

It above all things is a reception of enzymes simultaneously with the reception of basic food. Fermentativnyy preparation of the «Biowinters» contains enzymes, slitting albumens and fats, and carbonhydratess you, as a clever man, will limit. Because to promise the decline of weight to the subject, to having a supper meat dumplings a swindler or dreamer can only.

In a day, if you do not work with hands, your ration must make about 1500 kkal. I.e. in a count on appetizing сочень with curd, it 7 øò. or one «Big тейсти» from McDonalds with glass of orange juice.

How to accept the «Biowinters» not to collect weight, leaving off smoking: for 1 таб. with every considerable eating. Had one sandwich with coffee, to drink enzymes not necessarily. And dinner and the more so supper - accompanied a pill. A course is 1 month. Then a risk потолстеть from the waiver of nicotine goes to the decrease. And to copy off superfluous centimetres in the volume of waist on cigarette dependence not succeeded already.

If go in for sports, walk in a фитнес-клуб, then add to the appearance life in the first month of waiver of smoking L-карнитин. It is amino acid which I again much sang dithyrambs in a chapter about the decline of weight. At presence of the physical loadings карнитин optimum product for incineration of superfluous fats with formation of energy.

We work out the total. Books "as easily to leave off smoking" are quiet about the necessity of clearing and normalization of the state of the nervous system and tone of vessels. Therefore books are for sale thousands, and units give up to smoke. But you now know exactly, how to leave off smoking, know a "easy method to leave off smoking". On preparation: clearing of organism two months went away, yet month on the waiver of smoking. I hope, you did not refashion a method at discretion. In fact it like the selective reading of letters in a word. And will look deeper. For these days, you not simply gave up to poison itself 4000 harmful connections of tobacco smoke. you did a serious step to making healthy. Organism, possibly, and resisted, opposed, on habit. But all people, gettings up on the way of repentance and continuing to be engaged in a health after the waiver of smoking early or late show a fig to the unpleasant old woman with a scythe, already building plans on you.

Read other chapters and begin to untangle the ball of problems with a health by natural facilities.

If you still are not sure that it is needed to leave off smoking, then become acquainted with composition of cigarette smoke (from the site of êóðåíèþ.íåò). A «hard» constituent is approximately 10 percents of smoke. Different resins, and also nicotine, are included in it.

Gases and pair - it remaining 90 percents. Basic gas - carbon-monoxide fumes (With, monooxide of carbon). In large mass stakes presented also formaldehyde, акролеин, ammonia, oxides of nitrogen, пиридин, hydrocyanic acid (cyanide), vinyl chloride, N-нитрозодиметиламин, акрилонитрил.

Ot 30 to 60 components of tobacco smoke are well-proven канцергенами (by matters, defiant the malignant tumours of one or another localization).

And these people choose in a cafe a dietary cola and are afraid of the gene-modified soy.

I hope you forgive me for that in place of whole book "how to leave off smoking" you saw a few pages just. In fact all so obviously and not too difficultly.

Electronic book
"Health 5 stars"
An author of book is the known specialist for naturatherapy Vladimir of Sokolinskiy. Author of only nine books, many of which are reprinted.
More than 15 years of practical experience.
Advises daily, picks up the unique individual programs of making healthy.
Regular visitors of his Center are the known artists, politicians, officials, businessmen, habitants of Petersburg and different cities of Russia, near and distant foreignness."Very comfortable practical book.
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